Osita Iheme speaks on kicking off multi-million naira educational project in his state

Veteran Nollywood actor, Osita Iheme known popularly as ‘Paw Paw’ in an exclusive interview with Opera News Nigeria has disclosed his plans to empower Nigerian students through his annual quiz competition which will cost him millions to put together.

The comic actor also revealed his intention to erect a school for students in Imo State with the sole aim of making sure they get quality education at a subsidised rate.

The hotelier also talked about how he manages to keep tabs on his multiple businesses as an entrepreneur and actor.

You run many businesses, how do you keep tab on them and also able to manage your entrepreneurial, celebrity and personal life?

Talking about the business aspect, one thing is initiating a business and starting it and another thing is employing capable hands that will be able to run it while you look out for other things to do and other business ideas to also initiate.

By God’s grace, I have some capable hands who have been managing my hospitality, entertainment, and farming businesses among others, including all the things I have to do for educational development for my community. So, we are doing well so far and we are yet to come up with other business ideas.

Talking about educational development in your community, how do you plan to help out in that sector?

I have a quiz competition which I do annually. It’s geared  towards encouraging students to read and focus on their education with I sheer believe is a strong foundation to becoming successful in life. So, I pass that information to them that it is imperative to acquire education which will help them to achieve whatever they want to achieve in life.

So, right now, am organising an annual quiz competition for the students which I do every year and this is our either 7th – 8th edition. A lot of students have been passing through the platform tagged Read & Lead where I give them scholarship and take care of their expenses in school. I give them educational items like, tablets, laptops, and even the schools are not left out, they also win some educational materials.

In the cause of the programme, some students have been testifying the impact the quiz has made in their lives and am very happy with that.

More so, I have interest in building a school to compliment the movement which is the business aspect of it. The quiz completion is CSR (Corporate social responsibility) which aims at giving back to the society. To make it bigger and better, I want to build a school which will be affordable for every student. I will subsidise their fees to enable them achieve their aim once it comes to education.

So far that’s what we are doing and we are having this year’s competition on 7th December 2019 at Owerri Anglican Diocese (CATOL) Imo State and the response have been huge, schools are registering and the students are happy. As usual we have prices for them. We encourage others who are capable to venture into it and do their quota in helping the society educationally through a scheme that will help children to be educated because one thing is having the knowledge of what you want to do and another is having the skills to achieve it and I believe with quality education, one will be able to have both the knowledge and the skills.

Which level of students are qualified for this quiz competition?

Secondary school students. I believe that is the level you catch them young to have the knowledge of what they want to do when they get to the university.

How will this programme impact the lives of secondary school students who are university aspirants?

During the programme, we always have a resource person that comes around to talk to the students and engage them on what they need to know about life to prepare them for their university studies. This year we will also have some academic heavyweights and career professionals who will be coming to lecture the students.