From Series, to Football, to Telenovelas and much more, we gat you!

So, here’s the thing, we know you go through a lot either as a career professional or an entrepreneur; you’ve hustled hard and you just want to go home and curl up on your favourite couch to relax your nerves and pick up your DStv remote control. Here’s a lineup of some of what you’ll see as you keep moving from channel to channel:


Trackers: This is a new series (it’s just 3 weeks old. So, you haven’t missed a lot) that shows on M-Net Channel 101 on Sundays at 8:00 PM.  You’ll get to see that everyone leaves a trace in this electrifying M-Net produced thriller, which is based on Deon Meyer’s acclaimed tale of organised crime, conspiracy and terrorism. Starring Rolanda Marais and James Alexander.


Brethren: If you’re a fan of crime thriller, you’ll enjoy Brethren. In this, you’ll see NYPD Blues meets 24 and Line of Duty. With the crime rate at a dangerous high in the city and fingers pointing at the dreaded Aja Isale Eko gang, the Special Crimes Unit (SCU) and its leading team of BARA, BASSEY and JO are determined to bring down the gang; a relentless and dangerous pursuit where their lives and that of those they hold dear is put on the line and will intertwine with those they are sworn to death to bring to justice. You don’t want to miss a thing this Saturday 16 November at 08:30 PM on Africa Magic Showcase


Glass:  This is one action thriller you’ll really love to watch on Sunday. Sunday 17 November at 9:00PM on M-Net. This movie is the frightening final instalment to M. Night Shyamalan trilogy which sees David Dunn using his supernatural abilities to track down a dangerous man with 24 personalities. Starring James McAvoy, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.

This is for the kids- Hey Duggee, it’s a marriage of animation and edutainment. It shows on Monday 18 November at 05:50PM on CBeebies. It tells the story of squirrels playing in the clubhouse. Naughty Monkey arrives and causes chaos! He later returns to his home to relax when there is a knock at his door. His cousins have come to visit.


Your kids will thank you for this!


For the ladies we know just how much you love your telenovelas and we have great news, your darling ZeeWorld premiere’s a new show, Lady luck which is the story of a young woman named Bhoomi who has to choose between her married life and her need to build a career after she marries Anshuman “Maan” Prajapati from a rich traditional family. It also narrates the complicated story of two families from Madhya Pradesh and how their lives will get intertwined. Lady Luck airs weekdays at 6:00PM ON ZeeWorld.

Inside the American Embassy (Season 1): This is one political biography that’ll open your eyes to a new and different world. Why? It was filmed over several months; it’s a  series gives insight into one of the world’s most important Embassies providing a behind-the-scenes view of diplomacy in the age of Trump. The U.S. mission represents the Office of the President of the United States and protects its citizens abroad, its business interests and culture, and manages visa applications of would-be visitors to the United States. Tune in on Tuesday 19 November at 9:15PM on BBC Brit.


This is for the ardent football fans- UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers, Northern Ireland vs Netherlands Saturday 16 November at 8:35PM on SuperSport 7. Matchday 9 of the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers produces some interesting clashes, the most exciting of which sees Northern Ireland host the Netherlands in a must-win match. And there’s Italy v Armenia on Monday 18 November at 8:35PM on SuperSport 5. Italy will be looking to reassert themselves as a football powerhouse once more when they host Armenia in Matchday 10 of the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifier.

You can also watch Madam Secretary, Four Weddings & a Funeral, and S.W.A.T on DStv Now