Music Fans Wowed After Hearing Wizkid’s ‘Brown Skin Girl’ Cover By Nigerian-American Singer, MrcyU

There is no doubt that music is the gateway to the soul and Nigerian-American singer, MrcyU has thrilled lovers of music as she took on a challenge to freestyle one of the hottest songs enjoying massive airplay, ‘Brown Skin Girl’, a song featuring Wizkid and she did an amazing job!

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MrcyU who is known for dropping amazing freestyles to songs in her Car Chronicles series, amazed music fans once again after she jumped on the most recent one.

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MrcyU is one artiste who has taken the music world by storm with her incredible voice. Her freestyle/mashup to ‘Brown Skin Girl’ included other songs from the ‘Gift’ album such as ‘Bigger’, ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ and ‘Ja Ara E’. Listen to it below:


Fans who came across the mashup were impressed at how well she did on the freestyle and they praised her talents. Here are some comments gathered:

“thenewmrs_o: I love this lady!! Omg!!! Killing the game out there! That’s what I am taking about!!”

“therealmylenemoore: Yesss girl I loved this had me and my husband dancing!! When u hear it u can’t help but dance lol.”

“pollamelibero: You are incredible, and I want to tell you something funny. I’m Italian, since I was a little child I wanted to be black and I still want it.”

Check out the lyrics below:

She’s pretty for a dark girl
Not like that, but You’re a prettt black girl
Come over here girl
Stay out the sun
You don’t wanna get darker
You should marry light skinned
Think about the future
What about Your kids

Grew up wantin to be light skinned
That’s the only thing that was in
Now being brown is hella lit now
Damn I’m glad I didn’t bleach My skin
Growing up black was a crime o
Criticized by my own friends
Now the big brain is being washed now
Comfortable in the skin I’m in

Brown skin girl
Skin just like pearl
Back against the world
Wouldn’t trade You for anything else

I decieded to
Step out My estimate, step in My essence and know that I’m excellent why?
Cuz I got the keys to the kingdom
We got the keys to the kingdom

Brown skin is blessing
Jare jare
I learned My lesson
Jare Jare
This browm skin is blessing
Jare jare
I give You lesson
Jare Jare

Pose pretty pretty when the fellas walk in
Just take a picture of this pretty brown skin
Drip drip drop
Melanin flowin

I’ll keep
I’ll keep
I’ll keep dancing You’ll fall in love