How Osita Iheme conquered Nollywood, impressed 50 Cent, Chris Brown & went global

Its like the world is just catching up to Osita Iheme (Paw Paw) when we Africans have been enjoying him for years. While Nigerians enjoyed and moved on from many of Osita Iheme’s old hilarious clips, Americans are just discovering and liking it. Before anyone realized, the actor got popular in the faces of music heavyweights Chris Brown and 50 Cent.

Osita Iheme is a veteran Nigerian actor who came to the limelight following a 2003 movie Aki na Ukwa which featured his best pair in the Nollywood industry, Chinedu Ikedieze popularly known as Aki. Early in his career and in the movie, Iheme was typecast in the role of a child.

The blockbuster movie with Chinedu Ikedieze opened doors for the actors who until now are believed to be twins by many fans who are not in the know.

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During his most active days in the Nollywood industry, Osita Iheme was considered as the most hilarious in all their movies which reflects in the short clips that started making rounds globally in recent time.

But the ironic thing is, meeting Osita Iheme in real life might give you a different perception as the actor wears a different character when he is not in the movies, though he fights to suppress that comic side of him, a longer stay with the ‘Don’ as he is fondly called will somehow unleash a tip of his hilarious nature.

Just when the actor evolved with the industry and moved away from the mischievous child role to a more mature character, all the works he has done in the past years started getting a wider recognition internationally. From being used as a great inspiration for memes to being served just as short clips on various social media pages by media houses and individuals.

While this trend was first popular in Nigeria, it left the shores of the West African country in December 2018 when it tickled the fancy of American singer, Chris Brown.

The multiple award-winning artiste jumped on the meme and shared it on his Instagram story for 24 hours. And BOOM, the Nollywood actor and his comic work went viral across the border.


At the time, 2018, there were rumours making rounds that the talented singer, Chris Brown who just dropped his ninth studio album, Indigo was dating rapper Cardi B. The female rapper had then revealed she has broken up with her boyfriend, Offset and reports had it that she has moved on with the Virginia-born singer.

“Please, I don’t have any time for any gossip now,” was Paw Paw’s words in the short hilarious clip shared by Breezy. It was actually a clip from one of his old movies.

What caught our attention was the ability of the American rapper to relate to the video which was shot many years ago and still found it quite relevant and useful. In short, the video precisely and concisely passed the intended message in a very hilarious manner which is commendable. It was just like the singer responding to the rumourmongers that he doesn’t have time for their gossips.

Just when we thought we have seen it all on the virality of the Nollywood actor’s memes, another big gun in the music business jumped on it.

50 Cent, the veteran American rapper joined Chris Brown in tapping to the clip of one of the hilarious actors in Nigeria, Osita Iheme. Which practically proves that the actor has got the most funny and relevant clips in the Nollywood industry and beyond.

The interesting thing is the fact that these American heavyweights uses his memes to react to contentious issues in their lives at the time.

For 50 Cent, he used the clip to react to people owing him which he has been lamenting on overtime.

“You Fools been wasting my time for a long time.?now have my MONEY by Monday. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac #bellator #starzplay,” he wrote.

According to some Nigerians living in America, Osita Iheme ‘Paw Paw’ is currently the king of memes in the country and beyond as his video clips keep penetrating through every nooks and crannies of the nation just like Davido’s hit song, ‘Fall.’

Most of them even reacted to the videos emotionally as they think the actor is still a kid as shown in the tweet below.


Another suggested he should find his way to break into the Hollywood industry as his face his now an online sensation in the country.

The fact that Pawpaw has a meme for every reaction in this life is just quite as interesting.

The question is, what is Nollywood doing to exploit the meme craze that seems to have engulfed the West? Osita Iheme memes are now everywhere and I can imagine there’s a way to use the publicity to help the industry.

We believe he should be paid for all these memes as they are his face and intellectual property.

In your opinion, what do you think about Osita Iheme and his Nollywood movies?