Kizz Daniel gets attacked by a fan on the streets after denying sincere request (Video)

Nigerian musician Kizz Daniel had to be rescued by his entourage after a fan moved to attack him. The incident occured during his NBS tour to Turkey. The fan was quick to anger after Kiss Daniel refused to take photos with him. The viral video of Kizz Daniel being shielded away from the angry man who was chasing after him hit the internet on Tuesday 18th June 2019. Thankfully his securities were able to able to whisk him away safely to his car in good time

Watch the video below…


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Violence Erupted As Kizz Daniel Refuses to take Pictures With His Number 1 Fan In Turkey

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This is unusual for Kizz Daniel as his interactions with his fans are usually peaceful, loving and generous. A while ago,  a Twitter user identified as @meka_george was excited when the Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel  promised him money. The singer had earlier tweeted this: “What’s happening?!”

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However while others gave different answers about their day, this particular Twitter user @meka_george replied with: “Nothing much bro, just broke as usual..You?” The Raba crooner shocked many people especially @meka_george, when he replied the tweet, asking for his account number and hinting about dropping a ‘little something’ for him. See screenshot of the tweets below:

Kiss Daniel promises money to a fan 'who is as broke as usual'

Kizz Daniel definitely received a lot of love from that fan, another fan who did not need anything apart from his beauty and personality to fall in love with Kizz Daniel, also reflects how much fans love him.  is just one among many Nigerian celebrities who are in the habit of giving out money to their followers online.

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A Nigerian lady once stated that she would love to have a one night stand with  singer. The celebrity life comes with a lot of perks as well as its downsides. For Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel however, we’re not sure whether he considered the request of the young lady flattering or one of the downsides to being famous. According to the lady in the now viral video, she would love to have a one night stand with Kizz Daniel. The lady who has a tattoo of “Kiss Daniel” on her back revealed that that is all she needs from the Madu crooner. In a Twitter post, the lady was quoted saying: “I want to have a one night stand with Kizz Daniel, I love him so much, and I even have his name tatooed on my back. ”

Maybe than fan was just aggresssively loving Kizz Daniel. Share your thoughts in the comment section below

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