After supporting Blessing Okoro, Bobrisky mocks Onye Eze – See details

Bobrisky flaunted her car on her Instagram rejoicing that her “baby” had arrived, delivered to her doorstep. She’s definitely coming up in the world. While celebrating her new Benz ride, she mocked Onye Eze as well. She previously declared her open sympathy for Blessing Okoro and what she went through on her Instagram page, she told her that  we are all thieves at some points in our lives,  and now she has mocked Onye Eze in a hilarious manner.

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In the caption on his post, he wrote “Yaaaay my baby has been delivered to my door step. I’m blessed. Thanks to @m_jautos for good service.That is my house also thou so let Onyeze look at d house well biko don’t come and say you own it ?????”

From her post, some might say that the mockery should be directed at Blessing Okoro because it was she claimed that she had a house that was not hers, and not Onye Eze. On second thought however, she might have been shading Onye Eze for overreacting to such a seemingly small issue.

Even Reno Omokri stated that what Blessing Okoro did was  wrong but it was definitely not a crime, so there was no need to handcuff her and embarrass her in that manner. He wrote “Lying that you own a house that you don’t own is immoral and dishonest, but it is not a CRIME. The only CRIME I see here is the arrest, handcuffing and public harassment of Blessing Okoro. Who here, including me and Buhari, has not lied before?”

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Bobrisky who also consoled Blessing Okoro said “@blessing_ceo I don’t know you.
Have never met you before not to talk of seeing you. But your video when you were crying touch my heart deep. I feel like hugging you to tell you to stop crying ?. It’s so sad you learn your mistakes in a hard way. But it’s fine.”

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“Like I said I’m never in any position to judge anyone in dis life. All of us be thief na the one them catch we know. 90% of dis celebrities lives a fake life trust me. So nobody should judge anybody. If everybody mock you I will never be part of it. It will still be over is just a matter of time. Pls all her friends should keep a closed eye ? on her. Love you ? goodnight”

Bobrisky sympathizes

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