Singer Lyta opens up on mothers blindness, depression and more after former boss Olamide revealed why he left YBNL

For some time now Nigerian rapper Lyta has been troubled over possibilities of him not being able to drop new songs for his fans anymore.

In a new interview the rapper opened up on his mother’s blindness and also why he left YBNL, a record label owned by Olamide.

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In the interview, he revealed that he was depressed due to the constant demand from his fans who question why he wasn’t dropping any new joint. He also revealed that the reason why he’s doing what he’s doing is because of his mother’s blindness. According to him, people bug his mother and her condition especially knowing that her son is a superstar, whereas he has nothing.


Lyta’s words are coming few days after Olamide gave the below statement concerning his exit from YBNL.

Read Olamide’s statement below.

1. Lyta claims he has someone who wants to sign him

Olamide said Lyta told him he has someone who wants to sign him and requested he wants to leave and he gave him his blessings.

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Olamide said even though he knows Lyta was lying, he still wished him well regardless and then Lyta goes about saying different Negative things about him.

2. Label calendar/music release plan

Every label with 2 or more artistes has a Calendar that they follow in order to push the various artistes for equality sake and it seems Lyta was not cool with that.

According to Baddo, if one keep pushing just 1 Artiste only, how would the label and every artiste sign under it grow?

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At least, Lyta was popping in 2018 with 2 singles “Time” and “Self Made” with videos and now it’s another person’s turn to get that attention and Lyta must have been pissed, hence decided to leave not remembering other artistes too waited patiently he was the one getting the whole attention last year.

3. Lyta might be jealous of Fireboy’s success lately

This is a killer point and as a blogger, you don’t have to say everything before we pick our point.


Fireboy‘s massive success might have triggered something inside of Lyta. Lyta is talented no doubt but the boy might think the Label is not giving him the privilege to drop songs anytime he feels like, song that can actually take him places and on top of his craft.

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At least, others didn’t die when Lyta was popping and going places in 2018 but it seems he doesn’t want others to get ahead of him.

Lyta’s decision to leave must have been because of this reason.

4. Instagram unfollow issue

I don’t want Negative vibes around me or on my Page and I decided to unfollow and let peace reign, the YBNL boss said.

In his word, Baddo said “If you know me too well, you will know I don’t want Negative energy or bad vibes around me”.

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Bad energy or pity face affects me badly and I can’t help but scrutinize my page to avoid any issue.

From our Investigation, Olamide unfollowed so many people and even changed some settings on his Instagram page – You can check to confirm.

5. Only Fireboy has contract in YBNL

Olamide confirmed only Fireboy has a contract with YBNL, as he’s just helping others so they can have a smooth ride in the highly competitive music industry.

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I just want them to grow nothing more – Olamide confirmed before dropping off the call.

For now, here’s all the info we are able to from the YBNL boss regarding Lyta’s exit.

We will keep you guys updated as we get more updates on this issue.


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