I Don’t Have Any Deal With Olamide – Lyta Opens Up After Leaving YBNL (Video)

It has been reported that popular artiste, Lyta, has come out to refute assumptions of fans that he’s a YBNL artiste. He revealed that he had no deal with neither the record label nor Olamide.



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Lyta revealed that;



“I don’t have any deal with YBNL and Olamide. He saw me on the street and helped me. I don’t have any written contract with him and I don’t know about other artistes. YBNL and Olamide will always be part if my story. God bless Olamide, Thank you for everything”.



The street rapper Lyta had an emotional interview with Naija Loaded where he revealed leaving Olamide and YBNL was messier than he thought it would be and that affected his relationship with Olamide, whom Lyta revealed wasn’t too happy with his exit.




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Lyta further revealed that although he wasn’t signed to the label, he was getting benefits as they usually pay him for shows. Stated figures such as 50, 60 and 80 thousand naira as the fees he gets.



“Sometimes they pay me 50k, 60k, 80, but when I dropped my songs “Time” and “Selfmade”, I didn’t get anything”.



Speaking about how he left YBNL, Lyta said;



“Yes, so many people have been calling me about signing me, but I didn’t think it’s necessary for me to go until my dad called me … that there’s this guy disturbing him that he wanted to sponsor my music. He now said, can I give Olamide his number so he can talk to Olamide. I now say Okay and messaged Olamide that my dad wants to talk to him. I didn’t tell him that someone wants to sign me”. 


Watch the video below;



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“He said I should go and find out. So I told my dad and my dad said okay, tell him that someone wants to sponsor your music maybe he will accept. When I sent him the message, Olamide just said: “if that’s best, I wish you good luck”. I was like whao! I don’t know what to reply, Wish you good luck liken how.  I just said thank you sir”.



Speaking further about his life in YBNL before decided to move on with another label Lyta revealed that for months he hasn’t released a song even though he has recorded a number of songs with YBNL.




“For the past few months now I am not doing anythiong. No music for my fans… everybody has been commenting, you’re not doing anything, you’re only changing hairstyle up and down, I’m depressed, I’m tired”.


Lyta went on to talk about how he wishes things were done differently with Olamide and YBNL but despite the outcome, he stated he needs to move on and release more songs for his fans because he’s not yet a legend who drops one and wait for a long time to drop the next and sill be relevant in the industry.




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It would be recalled that a few days ago, the news of Lyta been sent away by Olamide from YBNL went viral online, Olamide had to put a call through to popular blogger, Mankind to let him know that he was not happy with the disturbing rumour and indirectly shared some facts that were unknown to the public.




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 Olamide spoke on why he unfollowed music artiste Lyta on Instagram and allowed him to exit his record label.





Read the statement below;



Olamide said Lyta told him he has someone who wants to sign him and requested he wants to leave and he gave him his blessings. The YBNL boss revealed that even though he knows Lyta was lying, he still wished him well regardless and then Lyta goes about saying different Negative things about him.




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According to Olamide every label with 2 or more artistes has a Calendar that they follow in order to push the various artistes for equality sake and it seems Lyta was not cool with that. Olamide stated that if one keeps pushing just one Artiste only, how would the label and every artiste sign under it grow?



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At least, Lyta was popping in 2018 with 2 singles “Time” and “Self Made” with videos and now it’s another person’s turn to get that attention and Lyta must have been pissed, hence decided to leave not remembering other artistes too waited patiently he was the one getting the whole attention last year.




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Olamide talked about Lyta been jealous of Fireboy’s success lately as Fireboy‘s massive success might have triggered something inside of Lyta. Lyta is talented no doubt but the boy might think the Label is not giving him the privilege to drop songs anytime he feels like, the kind of songs that can actually take him places and on top of his craft.


At least, others didn’t die when Lyta was popping and going places in 2018 but it seems Lyta didn’t want others to get ahead of him. Lyta’s decision to leave must have been because of this reason.






On the issue of him unfollowing Lyta on Instagram, Olamide revealed that;



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“I don’t want Negative vibes around me or on my Page and I decided to unfollow and let peace reign”.


Baddo disclosed that;


“If you know me too well, you will know I don’t want Negative energy or bad vibes around me. Bad energy or pity face affects me badly and I can’t help but scrutinize my page to avoid any issue”.



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According to reports, Olamide unfollowed so many people and even changed some settings on his Instagram page which you can check for confirmation.




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Badoo revealed that only Fireboy has a contract with YBNL, as he’s just helping others so they can have a smooth ride in the highly competitive music industry, before ending the call Olamide confirmed that;




“I just want them to grow nothing more”. 







Watch the full interview below;






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