This is Serious! “Presidency” Reacts To Onyeze – Blessing Stealing Of House Saga

The “presidency” has reacted the events of th last few days – that have seen blogger Blessing Okoro arrested for deceiving the her instagram followers by claiming to have owned a house which turned out not hers but a property belonging to a Chinese based Igbo business man, Onyeze.

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Blessing, who runs one of the popular blogs in the country had taken to her instagram to announce the completion of a house she claimed built years after her x husband threw her out of a one room apartment.

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Unknown to her follower, the house wasn’t hers, congratulatory messages started pouring in. soon after the Chinese based millionaire busted her, posted several proof the house belonged to him, not the lady.

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Controversy ensued, soon after blessing was arrested following her insistent on visiting the property to take more pictures to further prove she was the real owner.

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She was then paraded like a thief in cuffs inside the apartment, after Onyeze had travelled down from China as he believed his property was in danger of being used as a tool to defraud unsuspecting public.

To the surprise of many, blessing was seen after having a drink with th real owner of the house, suggesting they had squashed their differences.

Reacting, aide to president Muhammadu Buhari on new media, Tolu Ogunlesi expressed delight at the fact that duo have made peace while sharing a bottle of drink together.

according to him that’s why he loves Nigeria.

“I love Nigeria. Blogger tells a big lie on Instagram that a certain house belongs to her. Real House Owner gets her arrested and handcuffed, and publicly shamed. She announces that she’s okay, “it’s just a normal stuff.” They end with the clinking of glasses like old time buddies” He tweets.

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