Celebrity Bestfriends Yomi Casual, IK Ogbonna And Alexx Ekubo Enjoying Life In Dubai (Photos)

Some celebrities don’t like keeping their fellow celebrities as close friends. They just have good working relationships and everything ends after work. But these ones have been able to maintain close friendship for sometime now.



Alex Ekubo, Ik Ogbonna, Yomi Casual and AY Makun have taken to their social media page to show their fans how they are enjoying life in Dubai.



This men with their bromance make us feel giddy all day long. They don’t stop throwing shade at eachother. If they are not banting about Yomi’s skin colour today, they are talking about Ik’s bald head. Underneath this shades, these friends have turned into a family as they are always there for each other.




Meanwhile, it is not news that Alex Ekubo has a very close relationship with his friends, IK Ogbonna, AY Makun and Yomi Casual. They often attend events together, dress in similar attire and have the same type of cars. Their friendship has also sparked some rumours, with some insinuating that there is more to it than meets the eye.




Alex once spoke about his closeness with his friends, he said, “We are in the same business; so, we often get invited to the same events. There are lawyers and other professionals who have friends doing the same job with them, and they will invariably be together a lot of the time. But you don’t know them because they are not popular. So it is not strange that I am very close to my friends who are in the same profession with me.”


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If these four do not make you scream ‘friendship goals’, then you probably have no idea what friendship is about. These four best friends have been together through thick and thin. They have even featured in Omoni’s ‘Wives On Strike’ together. They have a bond that cannot be broken anytime soon.



The beautiful actresses Omoni Oboli, Ufuoma, Uche Jombo, Chigul and Chioma are also on the same trip with Alex Ekubo and his gang. Here are some photos:



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