A lesson to Nina: How social media made & ruined Nigerian blogger Okoro Blessing

Nigerian blogger, Okoro Blessing became an online sensation following an early report of her newly built 7-bedroom duplex which broke the internet. Just barely 48 hours, what seemed to be a success story immediately turned bitter and sour in the mouth of many Nigerians who immediately requested for a hand-back of their congratulatory messages following a follow up report that the relationship expert actually trespassed on another man’s property, took pictures and stole it for the gram as she posed as the rightful owner.

Social media, what are you? and why have you chosen to bless human with fame and at the same time strip her of all the popularity, replace it with notoriety and disgrace her in such a way that her good deeds faded away just like a white paint on an artiste’s white canvass.

Blessing Okoro rode on social media to become famous and known for a particular course; relationship fixing. Her expertise in that career earned her a place in the heart of many Nigerians who saw her as a go-to person when push comes to shove in their relationships. Through social media, she got thousands of followers both on her personal Instagram page and her business page. To many, she was their god and adviser in relationship matters. Her well thought-out stories constantly resonated with many of her followers, female folks especially and from just mere visitors to the page they turned loyal followers.

Lived on social media, disgraced on social media, Blessing Okoro’s winning story ended when she decided to deceive the same people she claimed to heal in her series of prep talks and relationship advices. Unapologetically, she lied and constantly released series of lies to back up her first lie which makes her even worse than the devil himself.

The same space where she ruled as a queen that slays turned her to a culprit at the mercy of the China-based business man, Onye-Eze na Chinko, the real owner of the 7-bedroom duplex she claimed to build 8 years later after been thrown out of her ex-husband’s house. Truth be told, this remains the biggest social media drama of the year. One will be wandering is that was the bold Blessing Okoro who stood on her feet and released every defensive piece to further buttress her lie as the real owner of the house as the video of her in hand-curves surfaced online on bended-knee.


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Blogger #BlessingOkoro arrested over false claim of owning a duplex

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While many Nigerian celebrities are sitting on the table of people who live fakes lives just for the gram to deceive their fans and make them feel they are living the life, one person that comes to mind at this point of Blessing’s ordeal is ex-BBNaija housemate Nina who was recently reported to be in the verge of renting a Bentley to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

According to the leaked piece which revealed Nina’s conversation with a friend, she made her intention of renting the aforementioned exotic car known to her, though the reality TV star debunked the rumours and blamed it on photo-shoppers who must have worked on their conversation to discredit and tarnish her image, one thing stands, it was her verified account that got leaked which increases the authenticity of the conversation.

nina ivy chat

nina ivy chat

Here is the thing, social media is a great tool which does more good than harm if celebrities and Nigerians at large learn to focus on the good side of it than the odds. It can make you and as well mar you just like the case of Okoro Blessing.

So many celebrities sprang up and made their way to the top through social media, the likes of Falz, Teni, Bobrisky, Lasisi Elenu, Josh Too Funny, Broda Shaggi among others which shows that the tool has helped the new generation in their craft.

Nina should stick to and embrace the better side of the tool rather than using it for cheap relevance and publicity which will not stand the test of time.

There is no point in owning a Bentley for just a month of your life and lying through out the rest of the year to cover up. She should channel that energy into being more productive, with god’s grace by her side she can own the latest model of the said Bentley in a few years of hardwork.