You might agree with her; Nollywood actress shares important reasons why you should desist from ‘broke men’

Nollywood actress, LizzyGold Onuwaje, has taken to social media to dish out some interesting advise to the ladies on choosing their life partners wisely.


While many people believe where there is true love, nothing else matters. Actress LizzyGold Onuwaje has come out to counter that belief. She recently took to her Instagram page to advise ladies not to settle down with poor men.

In her words: “I ve zero tolerance for poor and lazy a legit job hard ve no excuse to be poor.even in the bible it is stated that Man must till the ground .stop been lazy and stop depending on people to survive.. If you dont have money do not get married even my brothers are not exempted from this advice…#truthisbitter”

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She accompanied the message with the image below;

In other related gist, Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa recently shared her insight about going on dates with individuals who end up being useless and as usual, it has got individuals pondering.

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When going on dates, most women put in extra efforts to look their best especially when it’s a first date. However, not all these dates turn out good and it appears ladies are getting tired.

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Instagram comedian, Grace Ajilore, made a video about this issue, stating that dates are indeed expensive and how she wants money she spent on looking good for dates, back.

Toke Makinwa shared the video on her page, agreeing with the comedienne as she went on to share a break down of the money usually spent which unsurprisingly amounted to N500k.

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She wrote:

“Saturday humor…. Listennnnnnnn, dating is expensive mannnnnn I want my morraf*cking money back. some of these dudes deserve you showing up in bathroom slippers, bathrobe and hairnet sef. We are all mad

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hence forth I’m sending you a bill if you ask me out on a date, think about it about it, powder – 18k, lanchessssssss – 8k, highlighter – 25k (the glow is expensive) setting spray 15k, lip gloss -10k. That’s face alone oooo, perfume – 650 pounds, dress 450/500 pounds, shoes 2 thousand pounds, hair – 350/500k only for it to be a dead a*s date . Pay me my money abeg #Notime” .


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