These latest asoebi styles will have you smiling brighter than the sun!

Everyone is affected by fashion to some extent. In the era of early supermodel age, fashion could be categorized by glamour or commons. Today, fashion is fast, trendless, comfortable, and personal. Street fashion, as one of the most popular form, is more of a reflection of personality and lifestyle than of trends in general.

Today’s fashion has much evolved to embody personal brand. Everyone’s unique style can be called his or her fashion

Why do fashions change? The answer is probably as simple as the fact that people change. Over time, the new replaces the old.

@houseofkhad Makeup by @elemakeover

People are influenced greatly by popular culture, including athletes, musicians, movie stars, politicians, royalty, as well as popular films, television shows, books and music. We also are influenced by the fashion industry’s advertising.

@chika7star in @stars_signatures

When people see these new styles, they often want to imitate their favorite stars. To do so, they seek out the latest fashions — clothes, shoes, jewelry and the like — to make themselves look like the people they want to imitate. In this way, fashions evolve and constantly change over time.

@mimionalaja went for a ball gown ? in @fablanebyderin makeup @flawlessfacesbyjane for #TeddieMak

on’t forget that it’s always OK to develop your own sense of style that is unique and separate from what the fashion world dictates! Stay true to yourself and let your personality — not your clothes — speak for who you are!

@sirleobdasilva in @rogue_ng

These styles will inspire you to show off your real face, checkout more styles below…

@ekuedewor in @nkadz_

@moabudu and #AsoEbiBella @bolanle x @akahnnani at #TeddieMak

@timidakolo x @busoladakolo





@iammroyal  in @rinaneva_collection

@pinimaisokariari in @adanbypinima

Makeup by @blendedbyadetoun

@rosaline_o Photo by @nikeliphotography




@pinkperfectionn and @nadiadarealiu  Photography- @the.alfe Accessories- @pinkperfection_accessories  Creative Styling- @hamstercokids & @myt5s Location- @thetrafficbarlagos Makeup- @pressyclassic

Photo by @n.ndubuisi

Photo by @modu27photography

@ibidunni_ighodalo @pastorituahighodalo

@adwoa_adiepena’s baby photo by @casty_moments_gh Makeup @arewafaces Outfit @arewaapparel Baby outfit @matalanuk Photo by @ijalanaoke


@abimbola__ Photo- @libartystudios Outfit- @nakkedapparel



@ladyfikky and fam photo and props- @rinesphotography :: makeup @rinesmakeover



Dresses @deebonitas photo by @picturedmomentsbyope

@jokedrilling photo by @modu27photography

@sallyoyeb makeup @quish_makeovers photo by @tosin_josh

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