The Entertainment Industry Does Not Bring Enough Money! Here Is A List Of Nigerian Celebrities Who Are Business Bosses

Nigerians are always looking for different ways to make ends meet, the economy is tight and no one wants to be broke. Nigerian celebrities are not left out, they have secured ways to make money outside their main acting and singing careers. We have compiled a list of a few who have been able to make a success of their businesses.




Chika Ike




The beauty and brains put a pause on her acting career to pursue her business in real estate. She has built a couple flats across Lagos especially in Lekki. Apart from this, she also own a beauty store. Her study at the Harvard Business School has definitely proven to be useful with her successful business ventures.







Asides from enjoying a very successful career in music, D’Banj is a highly successful entrepreneur as well. The owner of Koko Holdings launched Koko Garri and also has plans to manufacture mattresses and other products as well. Apart from that, he is also deeply invested in the IT sector. He owns Median Mobile Communications Limited (MCOMM) and D’Kings Men Media Limited, a 360 media company.




Genevieve Nnaji



The fashionista channeled her own style and taste into her business venture, her fashion line, St. Genevieve which she released in 2008 but with close to little success in sales. She later launched the brand in 2014 exclusively on Jumia and also, took steps to expand and rebrand it as well.







Artist Kcee also owns a company called Five Star Oil and Gas, a subsidiary of his Five Star brand. He made the move of starting his own business incase his currently soaring career comes to an abrupt end. He plans to use his investments for rainy days that may lie ahead.




Jim Iyke



Being one of the most bankable stars in Nollywood, Jim Iyke’s money doesn’t come solely from acting but from his personal ventures as well. He owns a bottled water company, Burgeon Global and has also delved into the real estate sector as well with Burgeon Homes.







One of the most decorated musicians in Nigeria; is one bankable artist in Africa….and an entrepreneur as well. Whether it is stocks or real estate, this entertainer built his first successful night club in Ikeja and last year built a second called ‘Rumours’ in the heart of Festac Town. 2Face is ambitious for more too.



He said: ‘I am not only an artiste, I’m also an entrepreneur. I want to make the night club a model like Jay-z’s 40/40 club. I want to have my clubs in major cities in Nigeria, as well as in South Africa, Europe and the US.’
You don’t have to be a celebrity to build your business. Passion for your ideas as well as hard work is essential if you want to turn your dreams into real, marketable products.



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