Just after Chioma shaded Davido’s 2nd baby mama, Davido makes unexpected declaration about Chioma

Not too long after fans  expressed their concern for Davido and Chioma’s relationship after his ‘closeness’ to his 2nd baby mama, Amanda at his 2nd daughter’s birthday party, Davido has once again declared his undying love for his girlfriend Chioma! These two are not going anywhere anytime soon abeg.

He posted a stunning makeup  picture of Chioma on his Instagram page saying “Your body dey blow my mind”, a female user commented saying “She’s so lucky, I’m jealous”. Davido responded saying “I’m lucky too”. Aaaawwwnnnn… this love is sweet


The love story of the famous musician Davido and his beautiful girlfriend Chioma is all over the news, ever since he admitted to the public that he is dating her.

Of course Dvaido has dated a lot of lovely ladies. His lovers were Stacey Brianar Brown, Funmi Aboderin, Sira Kante, Nish Kards, and his baby mommas Sophie Momodu and Amanda, who gave him two adorable daughters Aurora Imade and Hailey.

However, all these women were in the past, and Davido decided to turn a new page in his life. He was literally screaming to the entire world about his love for Chioma and that quickly set her apart from all of his other affairs.

Everyone believed that Davido and Chioma only met in 2017. However, in response to a Twitter user who said that Davido’s relationship is moving too fast, he said that he and Chioma have known each other for five years. Wow, some marriages don’t even last that long!


Nobody knows for sure if there have been any romantic encounters between them during this time. Since Davido has dated other women in this period, many people became afraid for Chioma because they assumed that he was cheating on her the entire time, and she was patient with his affairs.

But nobody knows for sure the nature of their relationship in the past. Perhaps Davido and Chioma used to be good friends or acquaintances, and they only saw each other as potential romantic partners not so long ago. Either way, both Davido and Chioma are comfortable in this relationship, and nothing else matters for them.

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Source: Yabaleftonline/ Legit.ng