5 Nollywood veterans who have played same character perfectly – No.1 is very ‘WICKED’! (Pictures)

The entertainment industry in Nigeria has been placed on the world map and Nollywood has made it’s way to the world limelight in recent times.

A few actors and actresses have played a huge role in making sure that Nollywood is constantly recognized by acting the same parts in different movies for different reasons that could range from Body size to look to type of attitude and most important of all the comedic aspect.

We take a look at 5 Nollywood actors who have starred in more than 50 movies whie plahying the same role or similar roles in 90% of their features.

Below are their names:

5. Hanks Anuku – The Bad Boy

Hanks Anuku

Hanks Anuku is popularly known for playing the role of a rebel or bad bot in movies and directors have constantly. Hank always is and will be the Bad Guy With A Foreign Accent.

The movie may begin in some village consisting of three huts and one Babalawo; once you see some tall, hunky looking fellow speaking in a close-lipped American accent – and doing this despite never having been outside Nigeria as far as the plot is concerned – just know it is Hanks.

4. Jim Iyke: Your Quintessential Bad Boy

Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke is just the Bad Guy. You watch a thousand movies of him being the same tough, hard hitting, frowning guy, and you wonder why. Then you bump into him and the hard truth hits you: He isn’t acting.

2. Pete Edochie – Chief of wisdom

Pete Edochie

It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane. No, it’s Pete Edochie saying another proverb. Pete Edochie is full of it. Proverbs, I mean. He has one for every situation. If a knew Chief needs to be elected: “The Elders have a saying,”The head of the yam… must also go into the pot.”

Or say his daughter’s about to wed, watch him pull her fiance to the side and go, “The cock that crows too early….should be aware that the butcher’s knife is coming.”

Or say, he just came down to the kitchen for a midnight snack, opened the fridge and discovered there’s no peanut butter. He’ll be like, “Amadioha knows that the jar…is neither half full…nor half empty.”

2. Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze – Troublesome Tricky Mischievous Siblings/Friends

Aki and Paw Paw

When it comes to being the same guys in every movie, it almost doesn’t get better that these two diminutive guys. Pick any single film involving both of them together – ANY FILM, I say – and I can give you an accurate description of what they’ll be doing.

One, they will be related. And if they aren’t, they’ll be in cahoots. Two, they’ll be in the village. Three, they will neither be heroes nor villains, just funny guys doing funny things to funny people.

They will also be speaking in those mildly grating high pitched tones we’ve all grown to love.

1. Patience Uzokwor: Everybody’s wicked stepmother

Patience Uzokwor

Patience Uzoku has been everybody’s wicked stepmother for as long as we can remember. She’s been everybody on this list’s step mother.

Even if the movie release poster shows her all dressed up in nun’s clothes and holding a Nobel prize, you just know that as soon as you start watching the movie, she will be wickeding someone’s step child.

The plot might call for her to be a scientific heroine discovering the cure to cancer, but you just know that in her spare time, she’ll find a way to be mean to some unfortunate bloke.