The Opera Story – Simi

Everyone who knows Simi also knows she has a very sweet relationship with her laptop. They are inseparable. My phone, however, is her side chick, whom she loves almost equally.

What people might not know is what she’s doing on her laptop 24/7, so let her tell us. She’s a sound engineer – she mixes a lot on her laptop. Sometimes, she just finds herself browsing around the web to find some inspiration.

She thinks it has almost become a reflex action at this point, and she just finds herself opening the Opera browser. She’s not sure if it’s because it makes her life so easy or because it has everything she needs at the right time, but something is definitely right about it.

Did you know that Opera makes browsers not only for phones. but also for laptops? It takes a while for Simi to be impressed, but after giving Opera a test drive on her laptop, she says she is VERY IMPRESSED.  

To be honest, she had been waiting to talk about this, because she doesn’t think many people understand the type of independence you can have using Opera. She has been using Opera on her phone for a long time already. She’s very happy to be an ambassador for a brand such as Opera, because she feels like the products they build are created for people like us: people who love to explore and enjoy good, online content.

See, you guys, she’s feeling like such a tech person right now. The thing is, her phone, besides her laptop, is just so special to her. Technology is getting to a point where our phones are almost as powerful as our laptops. And, guess what, people? The newest Opera apps she’s currently testing are Opera Touch, a new browser, and of course, the Opera News app, Africa’s #1.

She’s not going to tell you about that last one. Go and take a look for yourself, come back here when you’ve gotten it and tell us what you think.

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