6 Nigerian Celebrities Who Lied About Their Age, No.4 Opened Up On Why She Deceived Her Fans (Pictures)

Celebrities worldwide have been known to lie about their date of birth. Nigerian celebrities are not exempted from this. Many celebs have lied about their ages, reducing it so that they can appear younger to their fans and to the public. Rising pop singer Kiss Daniel is the latest Nigerian celebrity to be caught allegedly tampering with his age.

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Below is a list of Nigerian celebrities who have been alleged of falsifying their ages.

1) May D

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Circa 2012 just after Psquare and Jude Okoye cut ties with the gifted pop singer there were unconfirmed reports floating around that May D was eighteen years old. This was probably concocted by a Twitter troll looking to cause some controversy. It should be noted that the singer has not revealed his real age yet.

2) Caroline Danjuma

Image result for Caroline Danjumayears ago the industry celebrated the thirty-fourth birthday of the popular actress. Her Wikipedia page said she was thirty four years old and that is what everyone went with. A few days later surprisingly Caroline Danjuma would claim to be twenty eight years of age and her Wikipedia page was gone from the Internet.

3) Korede Bello

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The Mavin singer has always claimed to be a very young man.  shocking everyone that he was 18 years old.

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This year he celebrated his 23rd birthday. There are however who say they have known the singer since 2009 and it wasn’t possible for him to have been fourteen years old then. Korede Bello still insists he is 23.

4) Halima Abubakar

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This actress’ age issue is a lit bit confusing. Earlier in her career Halima Abubakar claimed to be in her thirties only for her to later reveal that she increased her age so that she could be accepted in Nollywood.

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Last year she said that she had just entered her thirties. Many of fans don’t believe her though. They suspect she is around her mid-thirties.

5) Toyin Lawani

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The do-it-all mum of two and celebrity stylist announced that she turned thirty seven this year. For some reason her fans did not believe her and said that she reduced her age.

6) Kiss Daniel

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The singer’s age has raised a few eyebrows. Kiss Daniel has always said he was a brilliant chap who graduated with a first class degree.

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Last week he revealed he entered the University at the age of thirteen, graduated at eighteen and is now twenty-four years old. Now surprisingly his Wikipedia page said he was twenty-eight. Presently it is back at twenty-four