Nigerian Singer Adekunle Gold Has Been Exposed! You Won’t Believe What He Allegedly Did Before He Became Famous

Everyone has a past before they get it right eventually. Singer Adekunle Gold has been accused of doing the unimaginable. He was reportedly accused of once helping Yahoo Boys edit some fraudulent document in the past. This accusation is coming from a social media who reacted to a statement from his wife Simi concerning Yahoo boys.




The fan identified as borbish-faithy wrote: “Dekunle hope you’ve heard what your Wife said about Yahoo boys?”

Adekunle Gold replied: “@borbish_faithy yessir. Any problem?”



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i’m loving it⚡️

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Fan: “@adekunlegold why don’t you let her know that there was a time you use to edit documents for Yahoo boys for their scam activities?”
Adekunle Gold: “@borbish_faithy there was a time like that? how come i’m just finding out myself? wow!”


Fan: “@adekunlegold Because you never find it wrong then, until the dreams became different. Just tell your wife, because she had the privilege doesn’t mean others will, & she should not criticize anyone, let people reap what they sow, no damn human being is Holy. She should put her mouth on mic and make music and not to people’s hustle affairs.. Thank U”.


Fan: “Alaye emi’o gbo oyinbo ok? But Do you know that during that past when he do edit documents, they were dating then, in one way or the other, Simi taste from the money Adekunle got from Yahoo boys, so is it proper for her to criticize? She ain’t criticizing politicians, police, bokoharam, herdsmen & other, all they could focus on is Yahoo boys. Which way?”.



This is coming after Singer Simi, shared her thoughts on the implication of yahoo boys activities on hardworking Nigerians. In a live Instagram video, the singer criticized internet fraudsters after a fan told her to leave Yahoo boys alone because most of them are the ones buying her songs and watching her videos on Youtube.




Simi went on to tell yahoo boys that if that’s what anyone is going to use to hold her down, they should stop buying her CDs.



She said “They are laughing at us. They are laughing at us. I am repeating it because I have seen it. Do you know how many Nigerians going to business meetings or just to get the smallest opportunity for themselves to make it and they leave with nothing because they are Nigerian, that’s the only excuse they get. Sorry, we can not work with Nigerians.



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#Simi condemns internet fraudsters #YahooBoys , says they are laughing at us, Nigerians. #Olorisupergal #OSG

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Common guys, you don’t have to like me, you don’t have to listen to my music, you don’t have to send me, but you see, I am not the enemy. I can easily sit down and pretend that nothing is wrong and just make money, smile, cheers blah blah, but the thing is, I care too much, if I didn’t give a sh*t, I wouldn’t say anything. I’ve had friends that have done Yahoo. I’ve had friends that have thought about it”.



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