“Nina told me everything” Watch video of Cee-c exposing some nasty secrets about Tobi Bakare on live TV

Big Brother Naija Reunion show has entered the fifth day after it started on Monday, As usual, if you missed last night’s show, no need to worry. We have got you covered. March 18, 2019. Day 5 came as an explosive edition as Cee-c told the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, how Tobi had sex with Alex in far away South Africa.  The revelation occurred when Ebuka had a hearty discussion with only the female ex-housemates.


Anto, Cee-c, Khloe, Bam Bam, Vandora, Ifu Ennada, Princess, Alex, Nina and Aneekah were the main attention for viewers at the fifth day of the BBNaija Reunion show. The Big Brother Naija Reunion show has all your faves, aside Miracle, and the BBNaija’s third winner has been found wanting with several allegations leveled against him.

Here are all the important details that you might have missed at Big Brother Naija Reunion show Day 5.


Cee-c blows the lid on Tobi and Alex’s sexual affair

Cee-c calmly reeled out how Alex had sex with Tobi while in South Africa and he kept telling her that they were just besties. Cee-c told Ebuka that she was surprised because Tobi kept on denying his affair with Tobi all through their stay in the house. She also said she laughed hard when she heard about Tobi’s sexcapades with Alex.


Alex broken uncontrollably

Day 5 of the Big Brother Naija Reunion show Day had Alex breaking down uncontrollably. The 24-year-old couldn’t fight the tears as they rolled down uncontrollably when Cee-c revealed her affair with Tobi. She got more devastated to find out that those she referred to as her friends all spoke about her behind her. A visibly angry Alex left the session to have a quiet time for herself and when the camera followed her, she threatened to break the camera.

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Nina is the harbinger of romance news
Nina has been revealed as the source of the news of Alex and Tobi’s sexcapades. Nina confessed to telling Cee-c about Tobi and Alex having sex far away in South Africa. She further clarified herself saying she got the news from her ‘friend,’ Miracle. She said Miracle told her about Alex and Tobi’s romance and sexual escapades.