7 celebrities Olamide has had serious beef with – No.1 turned to a BIG ‘FIGHT’!! (Pictures)

Rapper/singer Olamide, had his most successful year in 2015, some people aren’t cool with that, that is one, his signee at the time, Lil Kesh, also had the best year of his life but was not crowned with the award he deserves as the next rated Nigerian music star.

Olamide expressed his anger after his “boy” Kesh was ignored and that led to his fall out with Don Jazzy, who called him out on stage.

We take a look at Don Jazzy and 7 other celebrities that have had issues with the man.

7. Modenine

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Nigerian rap icon Modenine tagged Olamide and his peers as clowns after they said punchline rap doesn’t make ends meet again in Local Rappers.

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Speaking to HipTV, Modo said,

“We all know that punchlines still and will forever bring in the money. Because if you check advertising, you will find out that the payoffs, the punchlines are always there and that brings a lot of money. Punchlines bring in the money. I like the song, but seriously, I know they were just clowning around,”he told Hiptv.

6. M.I

M.I has never hidden the fact that he is not really cool with Olamide although Olamide seems to have an open mind about him.

M.I in an interview addressed the perceived beef he has with the YBNL chief.

He said,

“I am a huge fan of Olamide; people do not realise how much I appreciate what he is doing right now. He is not alone because there are other indigenous rap artistes like Reminisce and their music is amazing. What they are doing has never been done before apart from that of the late Da Grin. They should be supported. However, I have no problem with Olamide. We see each other and we are friendly towards each other but I will not say that we are close friends. I am happy about his success. He is even on my album and we do not have any form of beef,”

In a Snapchat video earlier this week, M.I mocked “street music” and Headies controversies.

5. ID Cabasa

Olamide walked out of his deal with ID Cabasa owned Coded Tunes, the label which he released his debut album.

Coded Tunes couldn’t do anything to stop Olamide who went on to achieve major success. Olamide and ID Cabasa seem to be on talking terms now but nothing was the same.

4. DeeVee

D’Banj’s producer DeeVee came to social media to talk about how Olamide steals “musical ideas” from D’Banj and himself and how he lacks originality.

Although Olamide didn’t respond, which might mean it is true, DeeVee released 2 songs that sounded like an Olamide record.

3. Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji fell out with Olamide after the blogger broke news about the rapper getting a woman pregnant. Olamide denied getting anyone pregnant and warned Linda Ikeji to stay off his news if he can’t post his music materials.

Olamide welcomed a child 7 months after the outrage which proved the blogger got her story from a good source.

2. Toni Payne

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Toni Payne used to be Olamide’s manager before he rose to bigger success then she went on to drop him, a decision that has now proved a poor one.

Toni Payne allegedly terminated the management deal because she had once or twice caught the young rapper performing at shows without her consent. Olamide was said to have been collecting performance fees also. Olamde and Toni did not grant any interview on the matter.

1. Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy is the last man to fall out with Olamide. Don Jazzy called out Olamide’s name while receiving a special recognition award at the 2015 Headies.

Olamide on the other hand went ahead to rant on Twitter about how Don Jazzy isn’t a big deal.