Check out the real names of 7 favorite Nigerian celebrities

Celebrities who have nicknames and stage names that have stuck in our heads for years. These names have become brands for them, even their fans can sometimes argue that those names were actually given to them by their parents. From actors to singers and comedians, we have a number of celebrities who we think, you all should get to know their real names…just so you don’t get it all mixed up in the future.




Here are some popular celebrities below with their real names.

1. Ali Baba


Ali Baba's real name is Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome

Guys, Ali Baba needs no introduction as we know what this man has done in the entertainment industry over the last 3 decades and still counting. He is known as the godfather of stand up comedy in Nigeria and his years and success in the industry has made that sector a very lucrative one.The truth is a lot of people do not have a clue what his real name is and even those who know still find it difficult to pronounce it. Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome is not the kind of name you’d hear every day so when next you are at an event and someone is introduced to you with that name, please look out for the comedy icon, Ali Baba.

2. Basketmouth


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At the mention of the name Basketmouth, only one person comes to mind; the dreadlocks (Wannabe), charming, funny and spontaneous comedian. Since his sojourn into comedy over a decade ago, Basketmouth has grown to become not just one of the biggest comedians in Nigeria but in the globe. The award-winning comedian has been able to create an impression that he isn’t just a ‘smartass’ but very good at his job. Basketmouth’s real name is Bright Okpocha just in case you didn’t know and we think lately he has been doing a lot to let people know. We guess we’ve been so carried away with his amazing talent that we just don’t bother to know his real name. He is bright like his name implies and amazingly talented.

3. DJ Cuppy



It’s only normal for disc jockeys to come up with an alias because it sounds really cool and works for their brands. So it’s no surprise DJ Cuppy has a name that sounds not only cool but sexy for a female disc jockey. Even though we don’t how she came up with the name, it certainly has nothing to do with her real name. Imagine if DJ Cuppy’s stage name was DJ Florence or DJ Floxxy Floxxy…naaaa…it would have sounded outdated or funny, right? Well her actual name is Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola and she is the heiress to the Otedola billionaire dynasty. In case you are wondering what her close family members call, we think you have a clue now.

4. Mr Eazi

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When this fine gentleman first stormed the music industry a few years ago, little or nothing was known about him. In just a few months, Mr Eazi became a household name as everyone couldn’t get enough of his back to back hit songs. Mr Eazi has since become one of the biggest music stars from Africa and it doesn’t look like he will be slowing down anytime soon. We know how we can all get caught up in loving a singer and not even have any idea of their names especially when they have a stage name. Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, a 1990s baby also known as Mr Eazi is that guy with the musical talent that kept fans wanting more as he serenades them with his talent.

5. Burna Boy


The last one year has probably on of Burna Boy's most successful, career-wise as we've seen him release hit songs all year roundnight with four awards in his bags

Burna Boy’s music career gained massive momentum a few years ago and since then it has been no going back for him. The last one year has probably been one of Burna Boy’s most successful years, career-wise as we’ve seen him release hit songs all year round. Basically, Burna Boy is that singer whose personal lifestyle has been so overshadowed by his career that we don’t really know much about him.Just in case you don’t know the singer’s real name, its simple, Damini Ogulu is his name and his from Rivers state, south-south Nigeria. So when next you are busily famzing your favourite celeb, do remember to have his name at the back of your mind…Okay?

6. Wizkid


Wizkid is one of the biggest singers to have emerged from Nigeria

Every country has that celebrity who is not just popular but idolized by many. For Nigeria, Wizkid is that celebrity, as he isn’t just one of the biggest singers from this part of the world but has a massive followership. When we say massive, we are talking about his fan base at concerts, followers on social media and to make it more interesting, his foot soldiers who can do anything for him, free of charge. But wait! Do you really know Wizkid’s real name? Or are you only interested in his talent? If you say you are a huge Wizkid fan, then you should know that his real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. Even though some of his fans already know this, we feel those on the ‘Lastma’ should jump on it.

7. Don Jazzy


Don Jazzy like we all know is the master of his craft and has year in, year out proved to many why is called the Don

The name Don Jazzy alone sounds like the kind of name that would open doors and get you a front seat at a concert at the mention of it. Who doesn’t want to be called a don? Don Jazzy like we all know is the master of his craft and has year in, year out proved to many why he is called the Don. We all know the story of how he has in two decades created music stars in Nigeria, making him one of the country’s biggest music producer. Michael Collins Ajereh isn’t one common name you’d hear or read about on any tabloid but just in case you bump into that name, it’s Don Jazzy again! Originally from Delta state, the music producer has in the last decade and counting been producing some of the biggest hit songs in the country. His fans love him and we feel the same way for him too.

Now you know most of our favorite celebrities real names.

Source: Pulse