WOW! Take a look at 6 Foods To Avoid During Your Monthly Period

Monthly periods can be quite stressful for many; with the discomfort, bloating, cramps and mood swings among other things.


Yes, your hormones could be raging and causing you to crave the craziest things, but did you know there are some foods that actually contribute to your bloating, discomfort and cramps during your monthly period? Sometimes you just need to say no to those cravings and do what is best for you.

These are the top culprits to avoid during your time of the month:

1.  Sugar

Yes it could sometimes feel like sugar holds the key to your happiness during your periods,but please darling, stay off this white evil. Have you ever noticed how your pains seem to increase every time you let your taste buds lead you to consuming sugary foods during your period? Please stay away from sweet things.

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2 . Carbonated drinks

It’s crazy how your period starts and all of a sudden your body starts wanting all the things that are bad for you, like carbonated drinks for example that contribute to bloating. Drink more water instead, that will help decrease water retention and ease bloating.

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3.  Salty foods

Sodium is another thing you really want to avoid during your period. Just like carbonated drinks, it contributes to bloating and that general feeling of uneasiness. Also remember that processed foods contain really high amounts of sodium, so try to stay off packaged foods and eat clean while on your period.

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4.  Fried and fatty foods

Consuming fried foods during periods can increase your pains and give you stronger cramps. Foods that contain high amounts of hydrogenated vegetable oils and trans-fats increase estrogen levels and contribute to mood swings.

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5.  Dairy products

Dairy products contain high levels of saturated fats which contribute to inflammation and pains. Simply put, they are cramp-inducing and only help to increase the pains you already feel.

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6.  Legumes

Legumes such as beans and peas will increase bloating during your period; for your own good, just try to stay off them till your period ends.

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Your period does not have to be scary, just eat right, drink a lot of water, rest well and stay off these foods that make you feel worse.

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