“Davido Is Stupid” – Nigerians Blast Davido After He Shockingly Denied Chioma In An Interview [Video]

Davido in a new interview has shockingly revealed that he’s not engaged to longtime girlfriend Chioma. During the interview at Sirius XM in the US, Davido was asked if he was engaged which he denied. The interviewer pressed forward and asked if he got a girlfriend which he replied affirmatively. When he was asked how many years, Davido replied 5 years, see video below;





See how Nigerians reacted below:




It would be recalled that Nigerian blogger, Kemi Olunloyo who has been at loggerheads with Davido has leaked an alleged secret chat between davido’s hypeman spesh and an unknown person saying chioma goes to have sex with multiple men in London. Adding that her cousin and signee under davido’s DMW, perruzi, is also aware of the movements by the chef. She boldly took to her Twitter handle, to state that Chioma dumped Davido last year and has been found sleeping around. She said:  “#BREAKING @iam_Davido was dumped by Chioma Rowland in October 2018. I reported it first followed by @thecableng. He cursed me out for doing my job, another woman came forward reporting his deadbeat father status to me, he sexually harassed another woman last week then apologized. #SurvivingDavido Now his own Director of Corporate Sponsorship King Spesh of #DMW says Chioma is having sex with multiple men “them they fuck Chioma” whenever she comes to London and claims another artist in the label Peruzzi “knows it all”. Is Peruzzi among them? Poor Davido”




See the allegedly leaked chats below.



As expected, fans of the celebrity took to Twitter to debunked her claims and she blasted them saying: “Davido’s fans are obviously Brainwashed. After I exposed his crew member’s DM calling Chioma a slut, now he’s asked them to use the fake chat app to make me a #fakenews purveyor. I know all apps online. Remember 30 yrs on SM is no joke 1989.” She went on to say that “when the year started I told you I will TROLL DAVIDO till December 31st 2019. UNLESS… He apologizes in person AND PAYS Child Support $144k N52M 2013 to present after taking my new DNA test on US SOIL. UNTIL THEN…I will continue to expose his left, right and center.”





When an obvious fan of Davido and Chioma trolled the ‘grandma’, she blasted her immediately. The fan said “Social media has become your playground, but imagine your grand daughter being dragged into a fight she doesn’t even know the root or is not capable enough to stand up to.” In response, Kemi Olunloyo said: “Bitch fan she knows everything. Even did a video requesting Davido to come take a DNA TEST. She is very capable enough to stand to thru me. Davido is not capable or man enough to face me and therefore says he doesn’t know me. Get your facts right.” She went ahead to allege that Chioma’s cooking show is just a farce. She tweeted: “Where is Chioma’s cooking show? There is no N45 M Porsche car. It was a PR stunt for the single “Assurance” release”






Source: Delaniblog.com/Twitter NG


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