Daniella Okeke is not done vexing about the elections! See what she says about Buhari

Wow! Actress Daniella Okeke is really pained about Buhari’s win. Since the results came out, she has said she’s tired of Nigeria, even begged a foreigner to marry her and now  she has bashed all those who voted for Buhari.

She took to social media to react to President Buhari’s re-election victory. According to the actress, she wonders why a reasonable person will still vote for Buhari.

She wrote;

I really dont understand how a reasonable person will vote Buhari ? I don’t get it? And if u ask dem the only thing dey will say is, he is fighting corruption. Yet corruption in Nigeria has gone worse in the Last 4yrs.. I guess datz why they removed the chief judge and replaced him with his person, so even if PDP go to court, they will still say APC won.. Wat a Country NIGERIA WHICH WAY? #DANIELLAOKEKE

Less than 24 hours after the Buhari was announced the winner of the presidential elections, Daniella Okeke had taken to her Instagram to lament about the outcome of the elections. Daniella Okeke wants out, says she’s done with Nigeria

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Daniella Okeke says she no longer wants to be part of the Nigerian dream, that she wants to be in the arms of man with a foreign passport. Apparently, some people aren’t impressed with some of the election results released so far in the general elections, and Daniella Okeke is one of them who also feels so, making her desire to leave the country. This might sound hilarious to some people while others might also take it seriously but the voluptuous actress made her frustrations and desires known via her Instagram page on Monday, February 25, 2019.

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In her posts, she said she was fed up with the country and was ready to relocate to another nation. She even went on to openly appeal to any man with a foreign passport to come and marry her. “I NEED A NEW CITIZENSHIP AM REALLY TIRED OF NIGERIA PLS WHO WILL MARRY ME? RED OR BLUE PASSPORT OR ANY OTHER COLOR BUT DEFINITELY NOT GREEN… AM UPSET..

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DANIELLAOKEKE,” she captioned one of the photos. Well, if you think you find Daniella Okeke attractive and most importantly reside outside the country, this would be the best time to slide into her DM and make your intentions known.

Source :  Pulse NG