Linda Ikeji Shoutouts To Those Who Says Her Fashion Styles Are ‘Wack’ (PHOTOS)

Billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji is one beautiful lady who has no problem showing off her lovely body in a colourful array of clothes. However, in recent times, her sister Laura Ikeji has been said to be more stylish than she is. Many fans have also attributed her style to being predictable. The beautiful blogger  has taken the comments of her own fans and sister to heart. No doubt, she has seen it as a challenge, and hence, she is leveling up her fashion game.





Recently, the successful entrepreneur took to posting some pictures of herself in very chic clothes. She wore a prim, leather pair of trousers and topped with a transparent blouse with ruffles at the front.

Her cropped hair made her face slimmer and more on the attractive side. Knowing that she looked absolutely nice in these photos, the blogger took to her Instagram page to post photos.


Alongside the cute photos she shared, through her captions, she also shaded her fans and her sister with whom she was in a fashion battle. First off, she told Laura to come and testify to how stylish she was. Then, she addressed her fans by sending a shout out to those who said her style was predictable. Her post was meant to shade those who could not see the beauty in her fashion sense.





She took to her IG page to serve them hot new style in new photo which she captioned;

S/O to all those who say my style is predictable…

See her posts below:




Many fans could not help but react to this trolling coming from the Nigerian celebrity. See some of the reactions below:

rapidrentalsng: “The real babe looking under sixteen.”

mercy00000000: “Hi sis @officiallindaikeji Employ @lauraikeji to be ur fashion adviser coz she is bea at dt. Make she they help u select ur daily wears honestly. I am ur number1 fan but @lauraikeji Is my idol. U too u know say I no dy lie.”

ms_darasimi: “Linda, @lauraikeji does it effortlessly, we can beg her on your behalf to be your stylist.”

prettychi4real: “Beautifully and wonderfully created by most high..too much source. I love u like kilode.”

olajideeyinjuoluwa: “Please ignore her biko,u rock it better!!!! your highness.”

It would seem the battle line between Linda and her sister is drawn. In the meanwhile, Linda took to celebrating her parents as they celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

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Source: WithinNigeria