I Repeat My Clothes A Lot – Laura Ikeji apologizes for making young girls think it isn’t okay to repeat outfits

Fashion entrepreneur and Instagram celebrity, Laura Ikeji, has once again taken to social media to apologize for making young girls think it is not okay to repeat clothes. She did this in a recent video which she said.

Earlier on, it was previously reported how Laura Ikeji revealed that she does not repeat clothes. According to the younger sister to blogger Linda Ikeji, she gives her clothes out once she is done wearing it for the day.

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Well, her revelation sparked outrage on social media as many people considered her comment boastful and insensitive for people who may not afford her kind of lifestyle. This prompted the mother of one to make a video, apologizing to young girls who may have been affected by her remark.

She wrote: “This is me apologizing for making young girls think it isn’t ok to repeat clothes on the gram, U CAN and it’s very cool Infact u can wear one shirt 5 times a week if u style it differently. It wasn’t my intention to make u question how u look on the gram. I should have said off the gram I repeat my clothes a lot. To those who love me, u re the reason I’m doing this video, the heat yesterday was enough to change ur minds so, I say pls don’t listen to them, love u and remain blessed.”

See video below:

The fashionista in her apology, clarified some things. Contrary to what her previous post implied, she stated that she does not repeat clothes on Instagram but does so in real life.

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