Empire star Terrence Howard finally reacts to news of troubled colleague Jussie Smollett

Following the story of the racist and homophobic attack claims by Empire star, Jussie Smollett, another actor that played the role of his father in the series, expressed support for him.

Actor Terrence Howard, who played the role of Smollett’s father, took to social media to show his support for his onscreen son amid allegations of his staged attack on.

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Howard had posted a video of the actor who was spotted rocking a giggling baby boy. He accompanied his video post with a caption in which made it known that the actor’s friends were all strongly behind him despite what he was going through.

He said: “All your lil homies got you … We love the hell outta you.”

See his post below…

His followers had taken under the post with many also joining him in expressing their support for Smollet amidst the tough time he is currently going through.

See some comments below:

jusladelle:  Team Jussie never relented either from believing your truth man! Terrance Ur son is so adorable too I’m so On u guys team all the way on ur side we love you Man!

malissaluvintrey: Most of u suppose to be Christiansterrencehoward not supporting anything everybody innocent until proving guilty

jusladelle: I never relented nor doubted u once

dwellieg: You got that right @theterrencehoward @jussiesmollett ALL your homies got you (Will he won’t!)

According to The Guardian, Howard had responded to a critic saying the Smollet he knew was not capable of the allegations leveled against him. He said: “could never even conceive of something so unconscious and ugly”. 

His post, however, came a day after it was announced that the embattled actor who plays the role of Jamal Lyon would be removed from the final two episodes of the much loved drama series. They move according to them, was necessary to avoid further disruption on set.