‘To Be Honest, I Am Dating 10 Men’ – Popular Actress Exposes 10 Guys She Is Currently Dating (Watch Video)

Struggling Ghanaian actress, Xandy Kamel has revealed that she’s currently dating 10 men to avoid breaking heart in the future. Remember when one jilts her, a lot are on standby. According to the actress, each of the 10 men she is dating is aware that there are 9 other guys on standby, so they don’t give her any headache.

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She added that sometimes, they do clash at the entrance of her gate but due to the understanding they have for each other, they solve the problem easily. She said, “People see me in a negative perception because I always say the truth and do things for myself. I am being me and I do what makes me happy. To be honest, I am dating 10 men and they all understand each other.” This explains the revelation she made a few months ago that if care is not taken, her Vjayjay will soon become as big as a manhole.

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Watch the video below;

Xandy Kamel certainly loves attention and in a video that trended almost a month ago, the actress was seen taking off her pants in a live interview with Kofi Nwanwani on his Kofi TV show. In an interview with the host, she was explaining how some of the sex scenes in the movie are shot and directed, making reference to an upcoming movie, in which she would take off her pant. The host, Kofi who was curious to know if she would be able to pull same act, then asked her to take off her pants. Without been shy, the actress is seen taking off her white sexy pant live on TV. The host couldn’t stop laughing as he didn’t expect her to do that. Xandy Kamel seems to love to do anything for attention. Xandy and Kofi seem to have that sort of relationship, as some months ago, she forced him to fondle with her breasts on TV as well.


Source: Ghbase,com