‘Stop pricing talents like crayfish’ … Actress Ireti Doyle sends message to Nollywood producers

Nollywood is becoming a force to reckon with in the film-making industries but like most things, it has its own problems.

Star Nollywood actress, Ireti Doyle, recently sent a message to producers concerning payments of actors. Doyle who is reportedly on the set of Kasanova movie produced by Faith Ojo revealed that she has had to stay on set till 4am even after she has stated that she will not be shooting movies till late in the night.

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While certain circumstances demand the actors to sacrifice and make sure to get the work done, Ireti’s irritability is spiked by the fact that producers fail to take this into cognisance when offering payment to talents they want.

She, however, sent a message to producers and advised that they stop pricing talents like commodities in the market.

Speaking to The Nation, she said: “Its 4.10am…I have stated categorically that I will not be shooting late into the night; it’s even captured in the contract”.

However there are times in a production where they begin to run out of things – time, money, or, like in this instance, there are conditions attached to using a certain location. So you bend, accommodate, sacrifice and dig deep into reserves you don’t even know you have and continue to give a stellar performance take after take while still maintaining a positive attitude.

Dear Sir/Madam Producer, when in negotiations and we begin to price talent like crayfish in the market it is nights like these we need to bear in mind.”

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Having spent over two decades in the industry, Ireti has made a name for herself as a multi-talented media personality and film-maker. She currently stars as Sheila Ade-Williams in the MNET television series Tinsel.

Meanwhile, Doyle once revealed that she almost lost a shoot due to her skin color as the producers of the show wanted a lighter person.

She added as God may have it, the director was not someone who was discriminating, he supported her and made her feature in the shoot.