“I’ve already met Mr Player, Mr Stupid” – Princess Shyngle reveals her search for ‘Mr Right’

Gambian actress and model Princess Shyngle is one of the most sensational ladies Africa can boast of. Her curvaceous appearance, most times, swoons many of her fans. Recently, the beautiful lady whose acting career is having a boon revealed her present heart desire.

According to her, she is looking for Mr. Right. The lady who is very well sought after said that she has met quite a lot of men in her lifetime. However, most of them are of the wrong type.

For one, she has met footballers, musicians, cheap men, men who lie about not being married, men who think they know it all, and even, she has met those who stalk her.

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However, she is yet to meet with with The One. Her desperate plea to find the right man for her was posted on her Instagram page and accompanied with a racy video in which she boldly showed off her ‘talents’.

Her caption reads;

“I’ve already met…. Mr Player, Mr Stupid, Mr idiot, Mr I’m not married, Mr psycho, Mr footballer, Mr Cheap, Mr lazy, Mr User, Mr Know it all, Mr Musician, Mr Control freak, Mr Stalker… Where the hell is Mr Right ???‍♀️??❤️”

See the video below:

The actress recently took to embracing Cardi B as her role model and saying that, someday, she would also be a global force to reckon with. She showed off her admiration for the American super star on her Instagram page by saying these words:

“What didn’t they say about Cardi, oh she’s too ratchet…she’s not talented…but look at her today apart from being one of the best rapper in the world right now From now on if any friend or family member calls me to tell me I expose too much, I say too much, I should dress and act like certain celebrities I’ll literally cut you off I swear. I’m living my dream and working hard towards achieving my goals and vision…”

Shyngle’s search for Mr. Right has been met with several comments from most of her fans.


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