After several allegations of beating his wife, Duncan Mighty praises her

It is no surprise that majority of Nigerian celebrities end up with beautiful wives, and singer Duncan Mighty is no exception. The singer took to his social media space to shower his wife, Vivien with encomiums, and also seized the opportunity to call her his first endorsement deal.



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He wrote: ‘My First / forever Endorsement Deal with INESTIMABLE VALUE. I remain forever your Ambassador  No matter how hard i work under Sun 4 you. Is still not enough 4 you, you did me a favor saying. YES. YOU NOW MY INSPIRATION. 1ST ENDORSEMENT DEAL OF MY CAREER IS YOU”.



Port Harcourt-based singer, Duncan Mighty is not only making music hits in the music industry, he appears to be making some in his house too.



Recall that, Duncan Mighty who is also known as the king of Port-Harcourt has been accused of allegedly beating up his wife until she was badly bruised.



According to multiple reports, Duncan Mighty beat up his wife brutally. The report by Onobello reads:



“The woman in the picture is Vivien Nwakanma Mighty, she’s Duncan Mighty’s wife. He beat her up yesterday as if she wasn’t a human being like himself and threatened to kill her. I am sending you this to show the world, let them know who he really is, what he really is behind the social media. Fake life…”



According to multiple sources, who apparently, are classmates to his wife, Vivien, they claim this isn’t the first case of abuse by the singer. The latest attack happened shortly after the singer finished a video shoot with Davido, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on Saturday.


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The cause of the attack was not stated, but a close friend to Vivien, identified as Pella, claimed Duncan just flew down to Lagos, shortly after beating up his wife and hasn’t shown any sign of remorse. He was said to have called Vivien to tell her that she shouldn’t have shared the picture of her face with her friends, as it can dent his image.


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Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu (born 28 October 1983), simply known as Duncan Mighty, is a Nigerian musician, singer, and music producer from Obio-Akpor, Rivers State. Though his musical style demonstrates a high-level of genre versatility, it is also heavily influenced by the sounds and culture of his people as most of his songs are sung in his native Ikwerre dialect of Igbo language.

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