Detailing his relationship with Gifty Mawunya now Mrs Dumelo, he said that he knew her for a couple of years and they were just friends because Gifty was also dating somebody else by then. The prolific actor did not, however, mention if he broke up with Frances before starting any relationship with Gifty but he stated that “things just did not go on well”. Speaking about his marriage which came as a surprise to dozens of his fans and with reports that he never informed his ex of his the upcoming nuptials, John said that he actually informed Frances before tying the knot. He told Yvonne Okoro and added that at the time of informing Frances about his marriage, they weren’t dating, “Well I did, I think it’s just the honourable thing to do, just to say this is what it is.”

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Wife of John Dumelo was a year older a few weeks ago and her husband had done something new on social media to celebrate her. Ever since the actor got married to Gifty, he has never shared a photo of her on his Instagram page before until that day. Being a different day, John Dumelo Snr. posted a shot of his wife carrying their baby, John Dumelo Jnr. and added a sweet message to wish her a happy birthday. Excerpts of the caption which the actor wrote in Ewe translates to “Thank you for being my wife and a good mother”. As to why this is the first time John is sharing a photo of his wife we don’t know but this birthday wish covers it all up so we can’t complain.

He even bragged recently that he helps his wife, Gifty Mawuenya to take care of their baby boy by breastfeeding and changing diapers of Junior Dumelo. John Dumelo who appeared on Yvonne Okoro’s “Dining With Cooks And Braggarts” revealed this when Yvonne asked of his role in raising their newborn baby. He even demonstrated on the show that he’s got a lot of breasts milk by shaking his chest.

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