Linda Ikeji Shades her sister, Laura

Linda Ikeji has done it again! The billionaire blogger who is well known for showing off her immense wealth is once again trending for shading her younger sister, Laura Ikeji.

She took to her Instagram page to share an image of herself relaxing in a closet full of bags, purses and everything shiny and girly. Although this act of sitting comfortably in a large, neat closet might seem like a simple, innocent one but when it comes to a person like Linda Ikeji, it is not exactly simple or harmless anymore. She’s bragging!

Well, who wouldn’t?

First off, having such a large closet exclusively meant to accommodate only bags and purses is a big deal. This is not to talk about the fact that the handbags are no ordinary ones, but luxurious and designer items.

Linda Ikeji who knew just how much seeing her colorful display would ruffle many people decided to caption it with a shade meant for her sister. She said: “@lauraikeji respect yourself na for goodness sake.”

In an earlier video post, Laura was heard in the background taunting the billionaire blogger for owning a purse which was not half as beautiful as she had expected. Although Linda had laughed it off, she decided to show her sister, and by extension, the public that she was not in want of bags.

Linda did not stop there. She also posted another photo collage of her sister and herself. This merge was intended to compare her celebrity female sibling with herself to determine who dressed better. The mother of one then went on to credit herself with having a better dress sense.

By posting these images showing affluence and material wealth, Linda called attention to herself. Many people could not take their eyes off the colorful array of bags she displayed. Some of them also took to giving their opinion about who dressed better between the blogger and her sister Laura.

Linda Ikeji also joined the 10 years challenge. But rather than show how her face had evolved in the space of 10 years, she showed the array of cars she had used for these number of years. Her growth and financial progress was evident through her photos.

We can’t help but ask…who do you think is a better dresser?

Linda or Laura?