Come And Marry Me Before Boys Turn The ‘Place’ To Sewer Vent – Popular Actress Cries Out

Ghanaian actress, Xandy Kamel has taken a bold step to announce her hunger for marriage in a video she posted on her social media, Instagram to be precise.

It appears the Ghanaian on-screen character needs to settle down now and in what appeared to be an entertaining video, she cautioned her future spouse to come and wed her soon before the measure of her ‘some place’ increments.

In video located by , she was approaching any man who is keen on coming to look for her turn in marriage to make things brisk before her toto progresses toward becoming as large as a sewer vent.

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“Dear future spouse, would you say you are distraught, what are you sitting tight for, do you need me to date all these folks previously you demonstrate your face?. Don’t you realize the place will turn into a sewer vent, would you be able to appreciate sewer vent for what reason are you doing this, you better appear… ” she shouted out.

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