#10yearschallenge: “I told God not to give me a broke man” Nollywood actress reveals

Shirleyann Ede, a Nollywood actress and film maker who joined the #10yearchallenge, took to Facebook to reveal why she told God she doesn’t want a broke man.



Shirleyann Ede who has a new movie which starred some notable Nollywood celebrities like AY, Funky Mallam and many others, shared a throwback photo of herself in France after UNILAG offered her and other co-students vacation studies. According to the actress, after one month in France, her complexion changed and she was asked if she bleached.


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She said, “I was in a train from Paris to Besancon. As a French student, UNILAG gave some of us the opportunity to go for our vacation studies in France those days… the moment I arrived ‘Paris’ experienced winter for a month +… that’s it…. my complexion changed. Everyone kept asking “what cream do u use? Do u bleach? Blaa blaa.



How can I bleach with ‘Irish Spring soap! My mum saw me & exclaimed: this is your real complexion when I gave birth to you. Nigeria isn’t your country. Then I told God not to give me a broke man.