Nigerian Actress Ufuoma McDermott Shows Off Her Son Theaterics Talents

Movie Star Fixing Up Her Son Artistic Future
Popular Nigerian actress, Ufuoma McDermott has been showing off her son theaterics talents with instruments on her social page hoping to get little Jared a movie deal just like she did for her four year old daughter, Alize.

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Ufuoma Stacey McDermott born 23 April is a Nigerian film-maker, actor and former model.Ejenobor was born in Benin City to Nigerian parents who hail from Delta State in Nigeria. She moved a lot – from Benin City to Jos, where she spent the better part of her toddler years, and later to Lagos, where she has lived for the greater part of her life and still resides till date.

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At the age of seven, her father coined a pet name for her: ISIO (which means “star” in Urhobo). She was so named after the star actress of the TELEFEST programme put together by NTA Benin, The Pot of Life.

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Ejenobor got married on 23 April 2010 to Steven McDermott. She officially changed her name to Ufuoma McDermott on 23 May 2014 at a Lagos high court.Ufuoma and Steven McDermott have two children: son Isio Jared (born 10 October 2012) and daughter Kesiena Alize (born 8 August 2015).