“Stop Gazing, Start Acting” lateef Adedimeji says as he stuns in new photo

Nollywood award winning actor Lateef Adedimeji  has taken the social media platform to motivate his fans. He comes into brightlight as he gives emotional word to fans.The actor who fell in love with acting when he was in secondary school. He decided to take up full time which led to him joining a Professional Theatre Caucus in 2015.He caught a glimpse of his acting talent when he was in secondary school and he was picked by an NGO to serve as a peer educator and counsellor on HIV and other sexually related issues. He was involved in using his budding acting talent to pass the information to the grassroot folks and market women

He wrote : “Stop gazing, Start acting!  There are gazers and there are actors. There are spectators and there are spectacles. You can make yourself a spectacle by taking step towards your goal with determination. No spectator wins an award. Awards are meant only for spectacles; people who participate . There are opportunities that may have been lost but such opportunities are not are great as the opportunities that awaits you… Don’t give up. A big thanks to all for your comments and messages”

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