The economy as it stands is damn hard and this has compelled most of our young ladies to fall prey in the hands of married men for their daily bread as in the voice of Moesha Budoung. Well, making the list of young ladies who rely on the deep pockets of men for survival can’t be left out the Ghana-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle. Thus, taking into consideration the current state of the movie industry and the ostentatious lifestyle of Princess Shyngle remain parallel – it doesn’t correlate.

Princess Shyngle

It could be recalled that during the latter part of the year 2018, actress Princess Shyngle made it known that she’s tired of her lifestyle – perhaps chasing men for survival and she was applauded accordingly by social media users. But just in the first week of the year 2019, she couldn’t stand the pressure of footing her bills all by herself. The actress in question has taken to her verified Instagram page that she’s won’t turn down any proposal from a man in 2019. This presupposes that any man born of a woman can have access to her Vjayjay only if the man has a deep pocket. Princess Shyngle posted, “I ain’t curving no niggas this year! May the best one win …… I’m going on dates with all of y’all. You don’t like it , cuff me.”

So, there you’ve it. The actress who’s well-known for her hourglass figure has opened her doors widely to accept all men this year. If you’re man with some cool cash, look sharp and link up with her via the popular photo sharing platform, Instagram.

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