OH NO! Quilox Owner Shina Peller In Major Trouble! See The Terrible Thing His Boys Did To A Woman At His Nightclub (Photos)

A certain Nigerian-US based lady has called out Shina Peller, Quilox owner after allegedly being assaulted by 5 men while trying to buy suya at his club. The lady who goes by the name Nonye West took to her instastory to share her encounter as she revealed that Shina Peller was present and instead of taking her side, he was more interested in who threw the first punch when he saw her lips bleeding.

Read her post below; “Around 5am, I was assaulted by a group of men, kicked in the face by two of the men at a major club in Lagos, Nigeria. A woman should never be jumped by 5 men and not a thing done about it especially when not at fault. I was bleeding from my head, lip and mouth. Still very much so swollen on the right side of my face; head has been throbbing all day. I’m in pain. Everything hurts.

“And what makes it worse is the owner of the club @shinapelller was there during the aftermath, saw my face and the distress of all my friends and he had the nerve to ask, ‘but who hit who first’? First off, that nigga did but it doesn’t fucking matter. I’m literally in a country where they don’t give a fuck about women and it’s absolutely disgusting.┬áMark my words, it won’t be an easy week for those pieces of shit. He literally got mad over a piece of meat. Hit a whole ass girl over some fucking meat. Didn’t do shit to him.”