WOW! First lady Aisha Buhari emerges woman of the year

First Lady of Nigeria Aisha Muhammadu Buhari is a First Lady with a difference. Unlike some others who are often carried away by the allure of the office, Mrs Buhari from day one carved a different path for herself not just with her pet project, but also with her constant patriotic utterances.

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She sits pretty tight as Allure’s ‘Woman of the year 2018’, for her strong advocacy against victimisation, inhumanity, including the rape of minors and her outcry against the ills in the administration under her husband’s watch.

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For a woman whose role is supposed to be in “the other room”, her fearless outcry is remarkable and worthy of praise. These features have also earned her Distinguished ‘Global Award for Excellence in Women Empowerment’ and ‘Gender Development by Global Empowerment Movement Corporation’, U.S. Several international organisations have also honoured her for her efforts at fighting gender-based victimisation, human trafficking and for uplifting the women in Nigeria.

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Mrs Buhari advances the causes of women and children in Nigeria through her pet project: ‘Future Assured’.

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Through her various programmes on women, young girls and children support, she has assisted, integrated and provided hope to numerous victims of some of the societal ills in Nigeria, including human trafficking.