Shocking data reveals that Nigerians spend N359 Million at the Cinemas in 7 days

Despite their endless complaint that they have no money to go about their daily activities, recent data compilation has revealed that movie lovers across Nigeria actually spent N359 million at the cinemas between December 21 and December 27.

This shocking revelation was made according to data provided by the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN).

During this period, Aquaman grossed N168,434,137 while Chief Daddy grossed N101,979,343.

The five top-grossing movies in the cinema during the period were Aquaman, Chief Daddy, Bumblebee, Animated Spider-Man, and God Calling.

King of Boys, Lionheart, Mary Poppins Returns, Mortal Engines and Grinch made up the other half of the top ten.

Between December 28 and December 30, cinemas across the country recorded N166,996,007. During this period, the five top-grossing movies were Aquaman, Chief Daddy, Up North, Bumblebee, and Lionheart.

A total of N682.2 million was spent in cinemas between December 14 and December 30 on movies alone. This is excluding money spent on drinks and popcorn.

As of November 15, Merry Men, a movie produced by Ayo Makun, was ranked the highest grossing movie with a total income of N230 million.

According to Moses Babatope, group executive director of Filmhouse Cinemas, King of Boys has accounted for 45 percent of the market share since it opened while almost 50 percent of Ghost and the Tout earnings came from the south-west.