A young Pastor identified as Newman Emmanuel has come under fire after he posted a photo of himself on Facebook with his hair dyed in gold color. The cleric claimed that his dyed hair has spiritual significance and can heal any form of sickness if touched by anyone with infirmity. He wrote: “My Hair has a spiritual significance!! If you Touch it, Whatever sickness you’re carrying, dries up immediately!! And you will not die young, You must see your children’s children!! Don’t get it twisted.. God is aware of this!!

Because of this shocking statement by the pastor, social media has been abuzz with reactions. Here are some comments gathered on the matter;

“Jesu! Hands on my head…how can this be true? So , a coloured hair like Rasta is now medicinal? Hahahahahaha…this is gangster pastor…..i greet you specially.God shall judge.”

“Ha ha , some people can’t seize to amaze me, so you expect everyone to be deceived my your demonic enchanted hair, spread with golf colour,,ha funny, the lord Jesus Christ is the greatest spirit of all, those that know him cannot be deceived, only those who believe in your fake signs and wounders from the pit of hell. Give your life to Christ now that u still have breath in you.”

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