‘Going To Give Him The Hottest F*ck Tonight’ – See The Nigerian Male Model Who Made This Shocking And Bizarre Statement

Androgynous Nigerian model flaunts his new nails while getting them done at a salon in the United Kingdom. The model identified as Ebimobowei Joshua Agai took to Instagram to share the video and he looked so much excited with the new piece. He also vowed to give his bae, whom he described as a man, the hottest f**ck for the night He captioned the post: “Keep shining. Fighting. Learning. Flying. Being loud They cannot burn us. We where made from the fire…can’t wait for Bae to see me, going to give him the hottest fuck too night.”

Joshua Ebimobowei Agai is a top model in Bayelsa state. The 24-year-old who makes the best use of his feminine features, won the Best Male Model in Bayelsa in year 2012. He is a model and makeup artist. He has modeled for some brands like Diva designs, Kevmiester, LPII Company and at an MTN sponsored event. Joshua who is a student of theater arts at Igbinedion University revealed that despite his feminine looks he is not gay. He however revealed he has always seen himself as a mannequin.
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He said, “No, because most guys are born feminine and that is just them, people need to accept them for who they are. I’m not gay but I believe most of them are not but some are that are, does not mean they will not be accepted here in Nigeria. Some of them are born just like that; what they need is our love and prayers and nothing more. Most of them are talented and we need to give them the chance to showcase their talent. I believe it was God that created them too. I think that not all guys who dress like females are gay.”

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