Old Money: Checkout 50 Cent’s new N163M Rolls Royce [Photo]

50 Cent adds a Rolls Royce to his fleet cars and this time he wants everyone to know he spent a whopping $450,000 (N163m) on this new ride.

The music star shared a photo of the new car on his Instagram page on Sunday, December 23, 2018. Trust 50 Cent as he went on to brag about his new car. Just to prove to everyone that his car wasn’t cheap, he posted a photo of the receipt of the car.

“If I like it I’m getting it, if you don’t like it ??‍♂️don’t watch. Positive Vibes #lecheminduroi #bellator,” he captioned the photo.

It’s not mere coincidence that a number of celebrities have been acquiring some really expensive cars this period for themselves and their spouses.