Love Birds: Funsho Adeolu praises wife as they celebrate 4yrs wedding anniversary

Popular Nollywood actor Funsho Adeolu shares adorable love up photos with his wife as they celebrates their wedding anniversary together. Born Funsho Adeolu Adegeye,  is a Nigerian actor and producer known for his role in yoruba movies such as “Ale Ariwo” and “Idoti Oju”. Funsho Adeolu got married to his lovely wife, Victoria Adeolu in 2015 and their union is blessed with two children.


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He wrote:
HWA to us. We thank God for keeping us till now, osheey BABA. My Angel no shaking, I love you still just like when we started.



The actor who is married to Mrs. Victoria Adeolu recently clocked 50. The actor had in 2016 revealed how he wooed her and how long they court here.


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On wooing, Funsho said, “She gave me a slightly tough time because she kept dodging me but hard as she tried to evade me, God always brought us together one way or the other. I can’t explain it but we always met and each time she wanted to run away from me, I was always there to ambush her”.



On courtship, Funsho said, We courted for eight years. Some people might consider that as a long time but it was a great period in our
lives. It was during this time that we discovered that we had so many things in common. For instance, she sings and I do same too. We both love to dance and during our courtship, we were always together. If you saw me and you didn’t see her, it only meant she was on her way. She had a good knowledge of my job because she worked with Tunji Bamishigbin.



On proposing, Funsho said, “I did not propose to my wife on bended knees and till date, she still tells me that she wished I did that while asking for her hand in marriage. We just saw that we were ripe for marriage so we did the needful because I was no longer a young boy at the time. I was about 38 years when I asked her to be my wife.


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Funsho adeolu, who revealed a hilarious moment on his wedding day said, “An hilarious moment which happened on my wedding was when they called the groom’s parents. A mild drama ensued. My father did not marry my mother, he has another wife. On my wedding day, he came with his wife and so when they called the groom’s parents, my father and his wife stood up but my mum subtly told the woman to sit down because it was her day.


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There was no fight between them but that scenario was one funny thing that happened. It was because of that reason I vowed that I would never have a child outside wedlock so that I would not have two women in my life. I promised myself that nothing would break the bond between my wife and me. On the day of our children’s wedding, we would be seated as husband and wife”.


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