Six heartbreaking things Linda Ikeji said about breakup with baby daddy

It’s not everyday you wake up to read an epistle from Africa’s number one blogger, Linda Ikeji – about her personal life and relationship, so when it happens, every single line in that piece will definitely count.

Linda Ikeji in her comprehensive post on the relationship with former lover, now baby daddy, Jeremi Sholaye explained how it all started and didn’t end in the fairytale story she had envisaged.

After reading Linda’s post on her blog, here are six things she said in summary of her relationship with Jeremi Sholaye.

1. Disappointing the young ladies who see her as a role model

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Linda Ikeji kicked off her article on a very emotional note stating that she wasn’t happy that she ended up as a baby mama after all she had preached to young girls in secondary. She went on to reveal that she even canceled her tour just because she wanted to set the records straight.

“I’ve always been open about my life but I’m sharing details about my personal life mostly because of the girls who look up to me. The girls I have mentored, mentoring right now and plan to mentor in the future. I’m very particular about our young girls and I have personally tried over the years to be an example in some way; tried to teach these girls how to fight for their dreams, how to live right and do right and then I go and have a child out of wedlock and that must be a little confusing to some of them and especially with so many untruthful stuff out there about me,”she wrote.

2. How she met ‘prince charming’

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According to Linda Ikeji, one question everyone had on their lips was how and when she met the father of her child. In her article, Linda gave a story which could be written as a script on a romantic Hollywood movie.

“One of the things many people have asked me is how I met this man because we don’t run in the same circle. Well, I met him 3 years ago at Wheatbaker Restaurant in Ikoyi in December 2015 shortly after I moved to my home in Banana Island, Ikoyi. It was a day after Christmas and I was having dinner with friends when he walked in. He saw me and the rest is history. He claimed at the time that he had never heard of me which was seriously a turn-on for me because up until then I’d only been meeting men who behaved like fans. At the time we met, I was 35 and he was 37 and I’d been single for nearly 4 years. I was definitely searching and I fell in love almost immediately and so we became an item,” she wrote.

3. The love story

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After meeting Jeremi Sholaye in that very interesting and romantic manner, Linda and the young chap went on to have a very beautiful love story (At least that was she thought) From spending quality time together, this was one relationship that was heading to the altar.

“It was a whirlwind romance. He was the funniest and most romantic guy I’d met up until that point, so it was easy to fall in love and I truly believed the feeling was mutual. A few weeks after we met, it seemed like we were planning a future together. This man was already calling me Linda Ikeji Jeremi and making all these plans but then just like that, it was over between us.”

4. The off and on again game

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Linda went on to explain that after a while Jeremi complained about his inability to keep up with her public life which he felt was not necessary for his kind of lifestyle.

“I went from waking up every morning to love text messages from him to no more calls. I was just thanking God for finally sending me my own man when all of a sudden we were no longer talking to each other. Later he would tell me what scared him off. My public life. He claims he’s a private businessman and didn’t want the attention being with me would bring to him and I told him I understood and we went our separate ways. We tried to get back together in 2016 but it didn’t work out so much so we separated again but stayed in touch (mostly him to be honest), stayed friends and that was how our back and forth started.

“By mid-2017, we were both still single and we started seeing each other again quietly. There were times it was very intense and we talked about a future together, and there were times that I couldn’t figure out what exactly I was doing with this guy. We were not suited for each other. Totally different lifestyles. And there was the problem of my fame. I walked away from this man a million times and he came after me a million and one times. No matter how much I pushed him away, he kept coming back and me, because I couldn’t find anyone else, I kept going back. Lol. So I was basically going back to my ex because I couldn’t find anyone else. *sigh*,” she wrote.

5. Linda gets pregnant

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It didn’t take long before Linda’s off and on again relationship with Jeremi led to her getting pregnant.

“Then I fell pregnant. It wasn’t planned, it just happened; though we talked about having a child together just two months before I fell pregnant. He said something about putting a billionaire baby inside me and I remember jokingly telling him that I’m also a billionaire so our child was going to be a billionaire on both side…and we laughed. But after I fell pregnant, things became extremely weird between us. If I tried to explain what happened, I wouldn’t be able to because it was confusing to me. We went from talking about the pregnancy and being okay with it; he even suggested I go to Dubai for my pre-natals as he didn’t trust doctors in Nigeria, to literally not talking to each other anymore,” she wrote.

6. Jeremi Sholaye gets a cold feet

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For Linda Ikeji, at some point, Jeremi Sholaye became withdrawn and probably started having cold feet as he changed totally towards her.

“He later agreed to a traditional wedding which he didn’t follow through and then he switched. He began to treat me with so much hate and aggression that I and my family had to cut him off completely. To be honest, if anybody had told me when we met three years ago, considering how deeply we cared for each other that I would fall pregnant two years later and he would completely turn his back on me for most part of my pregnancy, I never would have believed it but that’s what happened. I had to draw strength from myself, my family and close friends.

One thing Linda Ikeji made clear was the happiness and joy she has because of her son, Jayce. She didn’t deny the fact that she was getting close to 40 so being pregnant wasn’t such a bad idea.

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