Dayo Amusa reveals why Nollywood actors must live a fake life

Following Kevin Ikeduba and Comedian AY’s revelation about the fake lives Nollywood actors live and the backstabbing that goes on behind the scenes, Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa recently offered her own piece of advice to actors on why they must continue to live large but maintain their fake lifestyles on social media.



The actress, who doubles as a singer, in a recent interview told PUNCH that there was really nothing wrong about it and if some actors chose to live fake lives. She also went on to describe their business as make-believe. She said:

“You have to brand yourself and make people see that you can promote their products well through the lifestyle you depict. If that is what people mean by fake life, then it is fine. As an artist, we live in a make-believe world which means that 80 percent of the things you see us do on screen and even on social media are make-believe.”



“It is totally different from my personality. I might be at home and choose to tie a piece of cloth round my waist and drink garri. But if I would go on social media, I would not want to do that because some of my fans would be disappointed.”



In addition to this, Dayo added that she was not advising young women to pretend to be who they are not. She said:

“What I am saying is that as an artiste, we need to ‘show’ for the business to grow. I am a very realistic person and I do not see myself as one of those fake ones.”



Ayo Makun popularly known as AY had earlier shared his experience about the fake lives lived in Nollywood by most of its actors and their colleagues and advised against it while Kevin Ikeduba outrightly called them out in a video which he posted on Instagram, challenging anyone who didn’t like his statement to stop him on the road whenever they see him.



What do you think about Dayo Amusa’s advice which encourages celebrities to continue living their fake lives?