Top 5 celebrity fights of 2018. No.3 was MESSY!!

2018 witnessed a decline in celebrity conflicts which is really a good thing if you look at it. However, some celebrity fights did go down and they were notable indeed.

A number of these fights were one-sided as the other parties paid little or no attention to the unnecessary bants. This made it easier for these fights to actually fizzle out quickly.

Here are five of them. These are the top five celebrity fights we witnessed in 2018.

1. Daddy Freeze and Samklef

Our Man Crush this Monday is Ifedayo "Daddy Freeze" Olarinde!Our Man Crush this Monday is Ifedayo “Daddy Freeze” Olarinde!

The very first celebrity fight of 2018 was recorded in January when Daddy Freeze and Samklef got into a heated argument over an event that took place in the church.

Samklef got tired of Daddy Freeze bashing the church. The OAP then went on to advice the music producer to ignore his messages as it is not meant for slaves. This was the beginning of what became a series of bants as these guys went on for days calling each other out. At some point, Samklef used a homophobic slur to describe Daddy Freeze.

2. Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Aimakhu

Here's why Mercy Aigbe is one of the most glamorous women in NollywoodHere’s why Mercy Aigbe is one of the most glamorous women in Nollywood

Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Aimakhu’s fight was one we didn’t really envisage in 2018 as we all thought these guys had a very cordial relationship. This was however proved wrong in June 2018 when Toyin Aimakhu dropped a bombshell on Instagram. Toyin Aimakhu took to the comment section of Mercy Aigbe’s Instagram page where she asked a question which insinuated that Mercy had a hand in her failed marriage.

Toyin Abraham
Well maybe it was all for the numbers of a stunt to push her movie ‘The Ghost and The Tout’ which was showing at the cinemas at that time, she, however, took down the message a few hours later. Mercy Aigbe in her response made it known that there wasn’t any rift between them. They were later both spotted at an event together a few weeks after.

3. Bovi and I Go Dye

In the business of comedy, it has always been known that comedians have always had their backs and showed a united front in public. Well, let’s just say Bovi wasn’t in the mood to let anything slide as he called out I Go Dye over what he felt was his hypocrisy and two-faced attitude.

I Go Dye
I Go Dye had taken to his Instagram page back in September to slam the former governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan for his performance while he was still at the helm of affairs of the state. It didn’t take long before Bovi reacted to I Go Dye’s post as he called him out for his reaction saying, he was one of the very frequent visitors at the governor’s office while he was still in office. I Go Dye didn’t respond to Bovi’s criticisms, rather he posted a photo of Bovi on his Instagram page a few days after, promoting his comedy show.

4. Daddy Showkey and Lepacious Bose

Daddy Showkey says advocacy and music are inbornDaddy Showkey has said that contrary to some people’s opinion, he is not quitting music for advocacy. 

Daddy Showkey isn’t naturally the type of celebrity who would be in the news for anything as he has always kept his lifestyle private. However, in 2018, the veteran singer broke that shell as he became more vocal, calling out the government and even his fellow celebrities.

One short-lived or we can say a one-sided fight that happened in the celebrity world in 2018 was the one between Daddy Showkey and Lepacious Bose. Lepacious Bose while granting an interview in Ghana had thrown jabs at Nigerian women over their skin colour. This didn’t go down well with Daddy Showkey as he dragged the comedian on Instagram. Daddy Showkey didn’t have nice words to say about Lepacious Bose for her comments. However, the following day, he returned to Instagram to apologise to Lepacious Bose.

5. Fathia Balogun and Dayo Amusa

Fathia Balogun
The Yoruba Nollywood industry had a few celebrity dramas in 2018 as Fathia Balogun and Dayo Amusa’s relationship took a nose-dive. In June 2018, Fathia Balogun had posted on her Instagram account where she shared a post which looked like she was shading someone.

Dayo AmusaDayo Amusa

Then the unexpected happened as Dayo Amusa took to the comment section of Fathia’s Instagram page where she dropped a message which gave everyone a clue that all was not well between these two once admired close friends. Another event which indicated they were really having a rift was Dayo Amusa’s absence at Fathia Balogun’s mum’s burial which was attended by all her friends in the industry.