Hacker Who Currently Holds BBNaija Nina’s Accounts To Ransom Releases The Names Of His Next Two Victims

A couple of minutes ago, an unusual activity was spotted on the Instagram account of former Big Brother Naija housemate, Nina. A post was dropped by a suspected hacker who had somehow gotten hold of her account and taken over, changing the password. The hacker then went on to post the a screenshot of a chat in which the victim was begging another former housemate, Alex to be friends with her and Cee-C again. He then went on to blackmail her in very bad English, might I add, asking her to pay the sum N800,000 or he would post more dirty secrets of hers. Now, he has added more sauce to the drama.

Well, the hacker is at work again! He posted another one, making more threats. But there is a new twist to the story now. It seems that after the hacker, who revealed his name as Yusuf, was done with Nina, he would focus on two new victims. The unlucky fellows are popular blogger, Tunde Ednut and Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe. He also reiterated the payment of N800,000 by Nina in the second post. His post was captioned thus in very bad English as the first one;

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“#TeamNina¬†most useless bunch of nincompoops liveth! Ordinarily 800tousand una no delivery I am crying hihihihihi. OK for una information even instagram no fit hack tis account I am Yusuf a certified system hacker! I study am for school 5years come out with certificate na wetin put food for my table. Make u people deliver nina I will post accout number next and it is unhackable and untraceable kikiki I will release the password when the money complete.¬†@tundeednut¬†@realmercyaigbe. Make una get ready, BUSTED!”